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How to make a Redstone Lamp in Minecraft

If you would like to use alternative lighting sources other than the simple torch you can look towards redstone lamps. Redstone lamps are a nicer looking alternative to the mundane torch, while it provides the same amount of light it can look nicer and give your home a modern feel that torches do not provide. They can be switched on and off with a redstone pulse.

Required materials to make a Redstone Lamp

- One block of glowstone

- Four pieces of redstone dust

- Crafting table

To make a redstone lamp for yourself you will need to travel to the nether and gather some glowstone. You can either break the glowstone with a silk touch tool to get the entire block or break it with any other tool to turn the glowstone dust into a glowstone block.

Redstone can be found deep in mines at β€œY” level 15 and below. You will need at least an iron pickaxe to obtain the redstone dust from the ore.

Finally you will need the 3x3 crafting menu of a crafting table in order to make the redstone lamp.

How to make a Redstone Lamp in Minecraft

Get to the nether and search for the glowing yellow bricks found in clusters high in the nether.

Glowing yellow brick cluster in Minecraft


It is dangerous trying to gather glowstone. Take some blocks to prevent yourself from falling from high up or into lava. When you break glowstone it will drop two to four pieces of glowstone dust. If you use silk touch the entire block will drop. If you use a fortune enchanted tool, the chances of it dropping more dust is increased but it will never be more than four.

Head back to the overworld to locate some redstone ore. The ore is distinguishable by its red specks and it will glow when struck or walked over.

Redstone ore in Minecraft

Take at least an iron pickaxe to them to get the redstone dust you need. Take your components to a crafting table and make a glowstone block.

You can make a glowstone block from glowstone dust by arranging four dust into a 2x2 space.

Crafting Glowstone in Minecraft

If you had a silk touch tool you can skip this step. Next place your glowstone block in the middle surrounded by redstone dust to make your redstone lamp.

Crafting Redstone Lamp in Minecraft

That’s it! You can now utilize the redstone lamp you have to whatever you would like. I like to place the redstone lamps in my ceiling surrounded by slabs.

redstone lamps in the ceiling surrounded by slabs in Minecraft

This does not decrease the amount of light you gain from the lamp and it is a nice light fixture for any home. Just make sure it has adequate power.

How do you make a Redstone Lamp work?

A glowstone lamp requires a redstone pulse in order to turn on.

placing a redstone torch next to the glowstone lamp

You can achieve this by simply placing a redstone torch next to it. For a more sophisticated set up you can wire a lever to a redstone torch and attach some redstone dust to your lamps to make a light switch.

Lampstone working Type 2


This lever will turn the redstone torch on the other side off. The torch has dust that will reach up to the ceiling. The redstone torch will reach all four corners of the room which have redstone lamps and dust attached to the top.

Lampstone working Type 3

Flicking the lever will turn all the lights on.

Lampstone working

As for hiding the wiring you can do so by installing some stairs as a roof to hide the wiring.

Lampstone working

You may have to get creative with hiding the redstone leading up to it. I made a hallway that is a little thicker on the outside to accomplish this.

Lampstone working

Working with redstone can be awkward but it can motivate you to make extensions to rooms and add shape to blocky buildings.



How do you make a Redstone Lamp stay on?

You can keep a redstone lamp on by placing a redstone torch on the side of it. Alternatively, you can use levers to keep the lamps on. I prefer wiring redstone to the lamp itself and hiding the redstone with blocks.

Are Redstone Lamps brighter than glowstone?

Both redstone lamps and glowstone emit a light level of 15 which is similar to torches. The difference is solely in appearance as well as the control offered by the redstone lamp. Making an entire room dark is a little counterintuitive but lighting up most of a room and complementing it with a redstone lamp that can be switched on and off can help tie a room together.

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