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How to make a Splash Potion of Weakness in Minecraft

Potions have many uses, both positive and negative. A potion of weakness will lower your attack power making you do less damage with melee weapons. The effect of this potion can be upgraded to last longer but a “Weakness II” potion cannot be brewed. There are not many advantages for potion of weakness on its own. However, its splash potion variant can turn a downside into an upside. You can also use splash potions of weakness to cure zombie villagers.

Items you need to make Splash Potion of Weakness

- Fermented Spider Eye

- Water Bottle

- Brewing Stand

- Blaze Powder

- Gunpowder

- Crafting table

The recipe for potion of weakness is simpler than most potions. It does not require brewing an awkward potion as a base. Its primary ingredient: fermented spider eye can be difficult to make as it requires brown mushrooms.

You will need glass bottles and a water source in order to make water bottles. Dig up some sand and smelt it in a furnace to get the glass needed to make glass bottles.

To brew your potion you will need a brewing stand. The hardest part of this step is finding a nether fortress to locate a blaze rod.

Blaze powder is used to fuel your brewing stand. If you have found a nether fortress with a blaze spawner you should have no trouble acquiring blaze powder.

Gunpowder is used to transform effect potions into splash potions. Look for creepers around nighttime to find some gunpowder.


You will need the 3x3 crafting menu of a crafting table in order to finish some of these recipes.

How to make Splash Potion of Weakness

Let’s start by locating a brown mushroom. I find the most consistent method is to find a dark oak forest biome. Brown mushrooms can spawn where it is dark enough, you could check caves, or even the nether. Dark oak forest biomes will generate tall brown mushrooms so they are easy to spot and will give you more than enough. It is also safer than dark caves and the fiery nether.

Dark oak biome in Minecraft

You can recognize dark oak forest biomes from its 2x2 trees and the tall mushrooms sprouting between the trees. Once you have found a tall brown mushroom, you can break it down with just your hands and every block has a chance to drop some brown mushrooms. If finding a dark oak forest proves too difficult you can also find brown mushrooms in a swamp.

For fermented spider eye, the recipe calls for specifically brown mushrooms. Next, you will want to locate some sugarcane. They can be found commonly along riversides and always adjacent to a water source block.

Sugarcane in Minecraft

Sugarcane can grow on dirt or sand. Harvest some and start looking for spiders. Spider eyes are a rarer drop than string so have your sword on hand and be ready to track down some spiders.

Spider in Minecraft


After locating and defeating enough spiders you should have found a spider eye. Before you head back home look around for the green hissing creepers. Be careful, don’t get too close to them! Use a bow or rush them down with a sword to prevent them from exploding.

Use sword against green hissing creepers

Defeat a couple creepers until you have your gunpowder and get back home to make a fermented spider eye.

Turn some sugar cane into sugar by placing it into a crafting menu.

Crafting sugar in Minecraft

Take your sugar, brown mushroom, and spider eye and place it anywhere in the crafting menu to get a fermented spider eye. You do not need a crafting table to complete this recipe.

Crafting a fermented spider eye in Minecraft

You will need to track down some blaze to fuel your brewing stand. Blaze will only spawn near a nether fortress. Try to avoid their fireball projectiles, take it slow, and gather as many blaze rods as you can.

Blaze Fuel

Take your blaze rods back to the overworld and gather some cobblestone. Place three cobblestone along the bottom and the blaze rod above it in the middle to craft a brewing stand.

Crafting a brewing stand

While you are here turn some of your leftover blaze rods into blaze powder.

Crafting blaze powder

Place your brewing stand somewhere safe. All that is left is to make your glass bottles. Dig up some sand and smelt it in a furnace to make at least three pieces of glass.

Crafting glass in Minecraft

Arrange your glass into a crafting table in a “v” shape to make glass bottles.

Crafting glass bottle in Minecraft

With your glass bottles in hand right click any water source to fill it up with water bottles. Place these water bottles in the bottom slots of your brewing stand. Your blaze powder will be used to fuel your brewing stand. Place the blaze powder in the top left slot.

crafting fermented spider eye in Minecraft Step 1


Next thing to do is place your fermented spider eye in the top slot and wait for it to brew.

crafting fermented spider eye in Minecraft Step 2

After this is done cooking you will be rewarded with three potions of weakness!

Crafting a potion of weakness

To turn these potions into splash potions simply place a gunpowder in the ingredient slot.

Crafting splash potion

Once this is finished brewing your bottles will change shape and are now throwable! The effect of the potion does not last as long as regular weakness potion but it will still apply the same strength of debuff.

Splash potion of weakness in Minecraft

If you hold a splash potion in your hand you will throw it once you right click. These potions are required to cure a zombie villager and can get you on your way to creating your own village. Be careful of the area of effect of these potions. Weakness is a debuff that can make your life more difficult if you are not careful.

In bedrock edition the debuff is only 0.5 hearts less. In java edition it will make you deal two whole hearts less damage.


Congratulations! With these potions you can cure zombie villagers, lower the attack power of other players, or simply lower the damage you take from a group of mobs. Splash potions open the opportunity to inflict potion effects on other mobs. Brewing potions lets you approach different situations with a new creative solution. Try things out and see just how powerful brewing the correct potion can be.

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