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How to Make Stairs in Minecraft

Stairs are blocks which enable players, to change their elevation without jumping. They facilitate movement through locations, where a player typically required ladders to climb. There are 31 different types of stairs you can make in the game all that follows a similar crafting pattern.

Stairs can "merge" with other stairs in the correct direction to create a seamless transition. This could be beneficial to render a roof, a floor pit, etc. Stairs naturally occur in villages and nether fortresses.

Required Materials for Stairs

- 6 Blocks of the type of material you want

Decide on a material for your stairs. In addition to being able to use any type of wood in the Minecraft world to make a set of stairs, you can also use certain types of stone such as cobblestone blocks, bricks, stone brick, sandstone blocks, nether brick, quartz block, or purpur blocks, producing four stairs per craft. Upon destroying the block after placement, it will yield the materials used to craft it.

These are all the 31 types of stairs you can craft. You can make Oak, Spruce, Birch, Jungle wood, Acacia, Dark Oak, Stone, Cobblestone, Mossy Cobblestone, Stone Brick, Mossy Stone Brick, Andesite, Polished Andesite, Diorite, Polished Diorite, Granite, Polished Granite, Sandstone, Smooth Sandstone, Red Sandstone, Smooth Red Sandstone, Brick, Prismarine, Prismarine Brick, Dark Prismarine, Nether Brick, Red Nether Brick, Quartz, Smooth Quartz, Purpur, and End Stone Brick stairs.

How to Make Stairs in Minecraft?

Open the crafting table:


Open your crafting table to begin crafting the stairs with the obtained ingredients contained in your inventory. Once you open your crafting table you will have the 3x3 crafting grid similar to the picture below:

Crafting menu in Minecraft

This guide explains more about how to make a crafting table.

Place the items:

To make a specific type of stairs, place 6 blocks of that material in the 3x3 crafting grid. Note that it is important that the blocks are placed in the exact pattern as the image below. In the first row, there should be 1 block in the first cells. In the second row, there should be 1 block in the first cells and 1 block in the second cells. In the third row, there should be 3 blocks.

Crafting stairs in Minecraft

Drag the stairs to your inventory:

Once the stairs are crafted all that’s left is placing it in your inventory. From there you can start placing it around the Minecraft word.

Placing the stairs in Inventory

How to Make Spiral Stairs in Minecraft?

Making a spiral staircase allows you to spruce up your house even more giving it a classy aesthetic, as well as serving proof of your skills in Minecraft architecture. The first step in creating spiral stairs is to lay the foundation. A vertical column has to be made from a block you would like to be your foundation. The number of blocks in the column will depend upon the height of the spiral stairs you want. One major difference between a spiral stair case and a normal staircase is also the usage of slabs instead of β€œstairs” in the spiral variant. The reasoning for this is because slabs allow you reduce the gaps between two block to avoid a fall and consequent damage.

Spiral Stairs in Minecraft


lace a slab at the floor and then a slab next to it but at a slightly elevated height. Doing this consistently will produce a spiral-like design, similar to the picture above.

Minecraft Staircase Designs Video


How do you make a stair rail in Minecraft?

Fence like objects that go down on an angle allowing them to join can be used to make a stair rail.

Can you make Obsidian stairs?

No, stairs can only be made from the 31 materials mentioned above. However, placing obsidian blocks in a certain way can produce a stair-like structure.


Congratulations! Now that you have learnt how to make stairs. You can integrate some of the ideas in the video above into your house, especially one that fits the aesthetic the best.

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