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Minecraft Husk

Recently there have been many additions to zombies in Minecraft. Among them are the husk variant of zombies you may run into in deserts. Contrary to their drowned counterparts, the husk is a dried up zombie that spent too long in the beating sun. Due to spending too much time in the sun, these zombies have become immune to the daylight burning.

Husk Zombie


HealthBehaviorAttack StrengthDrops
10 full hearts and two armor ratingHostileEasy: 1.25 full hearts; Normal: 1.5 full hearts; Hard: 2.25 full hearts0-2 Rotten Flesh; Rare Drops (<1% chance) - (Iron Ingot, Carrot, Potato)

With the Looting enchantment the odds of the rare drops are increased by about 1% per level of Looting.

Where to find Husk in Minecraft?

Husks will spawn in the desert biomes of Minecraft. They follow other hostile mobs’ rule of needing a light level of 7 or lower in the desert in order to spawn. You may still find regular zombies in the desert. Curiously they do not turn into husks after spending too long in the desert, but a husk can turn into a regular zombie if sitting in water too long. Husks will replace about 70% of zombie spawns in the desert.

Behavior of Husk in Minecraft?


The behavior of husks is nearly identical to that of a regular zombie. They will pursue the player, attack villages, attempt to break down doors, but their aggro range is over double that of a regular zombie at forty blocks rather than sixteen. If the husk attacks a player they may inflict the hunger debuff. A husk that is fully submerged in water will shudder and eventually transform back into a regular zombie.

Husk Zombie

After about 30 seconds the husk transforms back into the regular zombie shape.

Zombie in Minecraft

A husk has more raspy groans and wears tattered, sun-bleached clothing. A tan shirt, and green pants. The husk is still an undead mob, although it may be immune to daylight burning, it is still healed by potions of harming, and damaged by potions of healing.

For some reason, husks are taller in the Bedrock edition of Minecraft and cannot fit under a two block high space.

What do Husks drop in Minecraft?

The husk is a more dangerous zombie, but that does not necessarily reflect in its drops. The drops are very similar to a regular zombie.

- 0-2 Rotten Flesh

- (Rarely) Iron Ingot

- (Rarely) Carrot

- (Rarely) Potato

The rare drops have less than 1% chance to drop with the Looting enchantment affecting this drop rate by 1% each level.

They can also drop their randomly generated equipment at a rate of about 8.5%. They can generate holding an iron shovel, iron sword, and random pieces of iron armor.


Can Husks turn villagers into zombies?

If you are playing on normal or hard difficulty a husk can turn a villager into a zombie. On normal difficulty the husk has about a 50% chance to convert the villager, and on hard the zombie will convert the villager 100% of the time.

Do Husks drop Sand?


Despite being desert mobs, husks do not drop sand. They may cause naturally generated sand to fall after walking on top of them and updating the block’s existence, but sand is not in their drop pool.

Are Villagers afraid of Husks?

Villagers will flee from husks and search for nearby alcoves or homes to flee into to avoid the husks. Since husks are taller than regular zombies in Bedrock edition, usually villagers will flee into two block high spaces to avoid them as well.

Do Husks work for Iron farms?

The drop rate isn’t changed between zombies and husks. So a husk will work just fine for an iron farm.

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