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Minecraft Lodestone

If you do not have coordinates enabled in your world and you want to be able to track where your home is, utilizing a lodestone can help you in the long run. The lodestone is an interesting block as it is not very useful until you absolutely need it. Taking the time to get a lodestone set up can help you find your way back home if you are lost. A lodestone is a marker block and if you use a compass on it, that compass will always point to that lodestone. You can use this to mark your home or mark places of interest if you want to travel back.

Minecraft Lodestone


Chiseled Stone BrickChiseled Stone BrickChiseled Stone Brick
Chiseled Stone BrickNetherite IngotChiseled Stone Brick
Chiseled Stone BrickChiseled Stone BrickChiseled Stone Brick

Where is Lodestone found?

Lodestones can be obtained in two ways. Locating them in bastion remnants in bridge chests or crafting one yourself. A special type of bastion can generate that has bridges and lava pouring between them.

Minecraft Bastions

Loadstone in Chest

While it may be difficult to find a bastion with a lodestone chest, locating the crafting ingredients is not so simple.

How to craft a Lodestone?

You will need eight chiseled stone brick and one netherite ingot. To get netherite you will need to locate ancient debris in the nether.

Ancient Debris in Minecraft


You can find ancient debris in groups of 1-3 between “Y” level 8 and 22. In order to mine the ancient debris you will need at least a diamond pickaxe. Each debris will smelt into one netherite scrap and you will need four in order to make a netherite ingot. You can also find ancient debris in bastion chests.

Ancient debris in Large Chest

The odds are pretty low as each treasure room chest only has about 2% chest to contain ancient debris. You are better off looking underground as you will need four to make an ingot.

After you have obtained four ancient debris, head back to a furnace and smelt it into netherite scraps.

Crafting a Netherite Scrap

You will also need four gold ingots to make the netherite ingot. Look underground in the overworld to track down some gold speckled ore. Smelt it in a furnace and take your scraps and ingots to a crafting table.

Place all your ingredients in the crafting grid, the arrangement does not matter, to be awarded with a netherite ingot.

Crafting a netherite ingot

Next you will need to surround the netherite ingot with chiseled stone bricks. To make chiseled stone bricks smelt some cobblestone in a furnace to get regular stone.

Crafting a stone

Place your stone in a crafting table in a 2x2 grid to make stone bricks.

Crafting a stone bricks

You can make slabs out of these stone bricks and use those slabs to make chiseled stone bricks.

Crafting a stone brick slabs

Do this until you have eight chiseled stone bricks.

Crafting chiseled stone bricks

Place your netherite ingot in the centermost slot in the crafting table with chiseled stone bricks surrounding it.

Crafting a lodestone

After all your hard work you are awarded with a lodestone.

What do you do with a Lodestone in Minecraft?


A lodestone can be placed just like any other block in Minecraft. Due to the difficulty in making it try to keep the lodestone safe as it is not immune to explosions. Place it in a location you would like a compass to point to and right click on the lodestone with a compass equipped.

Loadstone in Minecraft

Compasses normally point to your world spawn, but using a compass on a lodestone will turn the compass into a lodestone compass and this compass will only ever point to that lodestone.

Lodestones can be used in all three dimensions. Usually a compass will twist and turn while in the nether or the end, but you can mark key points of interest such as bastions, portals, or end cities with a lodestone.

Loadstone in Minecraft

The compass will function normally and point to the lodestone in these dimensions. As you can see the regular compass will continually point in different directions while the lodestone compass will point back to my portal home. If your lodestone is in a different dimension than the one you are currently in, the lodestone compass will spin randomly until you are in the dimension that the lodestone compass is connected to.

How do you activate a Lodestone?

A lodestone does not require any work to function. Of course without a compass it does not accomplish anything on its own. Simply place the lodestone and right click on it with a compass selected to create a compass that points to that lodestone.

How do you make a Lodestone Compass in Minecraft?

As lodestones only have one function, it is important to make sure you utilize it. Right click on a lodestone with a compass equipped to create a lodestone compass.



Despite netherite armor and tools being immune to fire and lava, lodestones that are dropped are not immune to lava and will burn up like any other item even though their primary ingredient requires a netherite ingot.

A lodestone compass in a chest will always point to a lodestone even if it is broken. Once it has been retrieved from the chest, the compass will update and begin to spin rapidly if the lodestone it was connected to is broken.


Why are lodestones so rare?

It would be nice if they were more common or easier to obtain, but their rarity makes them a more important block and the positions you place them in ought to be more secure than not. This can make you want to build more as losing a lodestone is losing quite a bit of time and progress.

Can you place multiple lodestones?

A compass will only point to one lodestone at a time. You can have multiple compasses pointing to different lodestones if you want.

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