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Minecraft Cake

Cake is one of the oldest foods in the game. Notch decided to add cake into the game if Minecraft won the 2010 Indie of the Year award, which it did, winning two other awards at the event. Minecraft cakes are more used for decoration rather than keeping your hunger meter full. Each cake will have seven slices and each slice will fill your hunger bar by one full hunger point.

How do you make a Minecraft Cake?

To make a Minecraft cake you will need three buckets of milk, two sugar, an egg, and three pieces of wheat. Arrange the wheat at the bottom row, the egg in the middle with two pieces of sugar at its sides, and the three buckets of milk at the top.

Minecraft cake

How do you eat cake in Minecraft?

Eating cake in java is the same as eating cake in bedrock. Simply place the cake and right click to eat it. In both versions you cannot eat the cake straight from your hotbar.

Minecraft Cake Ideas

You can set a nice dining table. I used pistons to hold up some melons, pumpkins, and item frames full of food.

Dining table in Minecraft

A table set up outside can make for a nice picnic area or you can set one up inside to have a dining room. This is a nice way to showcase all the food items in Minecraft.

You can also use a cake in an item frame to help mark which chest is full of food.

using a cake in an item frame to help mark which chest is full of food.


This can sort things out and help you remember where things are.

Cake covers 7/8ths of a block so you can still walk alongside the edge of the block that the cake is on. You can make an obstacle course or create a secret pathway to somewhere else with this in mind.

Using cake to create a secret pathway

You can also place paintings on cake and this combined with the tiny walking space allowed by cakes can create a secret path.

placin paintings on cake to create secret path

This can help you disguise a hidden path or even trap a more knowledgeable player.

disguising a hidden path using minecraft cake


1. What kind of cake is the minecraft cake?

Minecraft cakes appear to be a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and strawberries or cherries on top. The interior looks too dark to be vanilla or sponge cake.

2. What can’t I eat cake in Minecraft?

Cake is not like most foods in Minecraft. You will need to place the cake first in order to eat it. Place the cake where you would like to eat it and right click to eat a slice of the cake. Interestingly, no matter where you stand to place it or eat it from, the cake will always be eaten from one side to the other.

3. Do Minecraft pandas eat cake?

Panda will eat dropped cake. Never cake that is placed on top of a block.

Panda eating dropped cake in minecraft

4. Do cakes stack in Minecraft?


Cakes will stack in your inventory up to sixty four. You can place a cake on top of another cake by holding sneak and placing the cake on top, however, the result is not a pretty stacked cake and instead is a cake floating above another.

5. Can you pick up a cake with silk touch?

Cakes can never be retrieved even with a silk touch pickaxe. Once you have placed it you either need to eat it or break it. Breaking the block underneath it will always break the cake placed on top.

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