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Minecraft Creeper

The Minecraft Creeper is a hostile mob that has quickly become the face of Minecraft itself. The Minecraft Creeper is a mob that has a tendency to blow up if it’s close to another mob or the player. The Creeper can easily get the best of a player by blowing up near them and killing them in an instant. The Minecraft Creeper also has a distinctive green body, using which it slithers around until it gets triggered and detonated. The Minecraft Creeper drops gunpowder when killed.

The Minecraft Creeper is a mob that has a tendency to blow up if it’s close to another mob

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Health Points20 (10 hearts)
Attack StrengthEasy: 22.5; Normal: 43; Hard: 64.5
SpawnA light level of 7 or less
DropsXP, gunpowder, music disks (rare), and mob head (when killed by a charged Creeper)

Creeper Origin

The Minecraft Creeper was one of the first hostile mobs to be added to the game by the creator, Notch. In fact, Notch accidentally created the Creeper by mixing up the dimensions for the pig. Initially, the Minecraft Creeper was a dark shade of green, which flashed a lighter shade upon being hit. At this stage, the Minecraft Creeper only did 4 hearts worth of damage, which was lower than zombies. Creepers also exploded only after killed by the player.

By the Beta 1.4 version, the Minecraft Creeper had become a part of the Minecraft logo. By the 1.3.1 version of Minecraft Java Edition, the Creeper’s attack strength had been increased - in the Hard difficulty, even a player with full diamond armor could be brought down to 2 hearts with a Creeper explosion.


By Java 1.8, the charged Creeper’s explosion would drop the heads of any nearby mobs that were killed, including other Creepers. By 1.14, the Minecraft Creeper can drop music disks even when killed by strays.

Minecraft Charged Creeper

The Minecraft Charged Creeper is created when a bolt of lightning strikes anywhere within a 4 block radius of a Creeper. The Charged Creeper can be spotted by the blue aura surrounding them. 

The Charged Creeper is considered very dangerous, since its explosion is 50% more destructive than a TNT block. Charged Creeper explosions can also kill any other mobs in the vicinity. These nearby mobs drop their heads when killed by a Charged Creeper. However, if a Charged Creeper ends up killing more than one mobs of the same kind, then only one head is dropped.

Charged Creeper ends up killing more than one mobs of the same kind

Image credits: Mod DB

Appearance and Behavior

Creepers have a green body, with specks of white and grey visible on their skin. They have a frowning facial expression that has now been identified as a symbol of Minecraft. The Minecraft Creeper also hisses and chases a player within a 16 block radius. When the Minecraft Creeper comes within a 3 block distance of the player, it stops hissing or moving. It will then flash and expand, exploding after 1.5 seconds.

The Minecraft Creeper’s explosion may be halted if the player leaves the 7 block radius of the explosion. This can be done by either running away or by knocking the Creeper back to get it away from the player.


The Minecraft Creeper can also jump down from heights in order to follow the player. It will detonate after the stipulated 1.5 seconds if it survives the fall. Creepers may also climb ladders and vines, but not intentionally. The player may also forcefully explode a Creeper using flint and steel.

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Creeper Drops

The Minecraft Creeper drops:

  1. 5 XP, when killed by the player
  2. 0-2 gunpowder (this can be increased up to 5 with the Looting enchantment on the sword)
  3. Music disk, if killed by a skeleton or a stray

The Creeper may also drop a Creeper head if killed in the explosion of a nearby Charged Creeper.

The Creeper may also drop a Creeper head if killed in the explosion of a nearby Charged Creeper

Image credits: Logdotzip

Minecraft Creeper Farm

Minecraft players will often make ingenious mob farms in order to get easy access to the mob drops. In a similar manner, it is possible to collect gunpowder from the Minecraft Creeper by either creating a general mob farm or a Creeper specific farm.

A general mob farm can be turned into a Creeper only farm by adding trapdoors to the top of a 2 block high ceiling, making it tall enough to spawn Creepers but not skeletons or zombies. However, spiders may still spawn in such a farm. 

Minecraft Creeper Skin

Creepers have become the most popular symbol of Minecraft, so much so that even non-players can recognize the creepy looking mob anywhere. Owing to its popularity, many players don the skin of a Minecraft Creeper in order to play the game. Minecraft Creeper skins come in many variants, with unique tweaks to the actual appearance of the Creeper as well. 

Minecraft Creeper skin is widely used to play the minecraft

Image credits: Minecraft Mods

Minecraft Creeper Face


The Minecraft Creeper’s almost frowning face is so unique that it was even made part of the logo of Minecraft. The “A” in the Minecraft logo features the face of a Creeper to this day. And not to mention, lots of Minecraft merch!

Creepers Strategy Guide

The best way to kill a Creeper is to strike at the Creeper with a sword and either jump back at least 7 blocks or knock the Creeper back 7 blocks away from you. This allows you to defuse the explosion of the Creeper long enough to strike again until the Creeper is dead.

One good way of shielding against the Creeper’s explosion is to use a shield and block the damage caused by a Creeper detonation. A player may also choose to build a wall with stronger blocks such as stone in order to decrease damage. Although, neither of these techniques prevents the player from taking at least some damage.

Another helpful strategy is to acquire armor made from diamonds or netherite, both of which are strong enough to minimize the damage caused by a Minecraft Creeper. Additionally, armor can be enchanted using an enchantment table to give better protection.

Explainer Video

FAQs on Minecraft Creepers

Why do Creepers explode in Minecraft?

The Creeper is a hostile mob that explodes once it comes within a 3 block radius of the player. The Creeper explodes as a way of attacking the player and can cause very serious damage, even destroying some of the surroundings in its blast.

What blocks can Creepers not destroy?

The Minecraft Creeper is not able to destroy blocks such as obsidian and bedrock. The Creeper is also unable to destroy blocks when in water or lava.

Can a Creeper kill you with full iron armor?


Depending on the difficulty level, the Minecraft Creeper increases in its power as well. Thus, while a full iron armor may protect you against an Easy or Normal mode Creeper, a Hard mode Creeper can kill you if you’re wearing only unenchanted iron armor.

How do you tame a Creeper?

It is not possible to tame a Creeper in Minecraft. However, players can build mob farms in order to get Creeper drops.

How do you turn into a Creeper in Minecraft?

There is no recipe to turn the player into a Creeper in the survival mode in Minecraft. However, players can choose to use stylish Minecraft Creeper skins in order to feel like the iconic Minecraft mob!

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