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Minecraft Diamond

Every Minecraft player understands the struggle to find diamonds in Minecraft. After hours and hours of digging it may seem like they just simply do not exist. In this guide, I would like to show you the different methods of tracking down diamonds in Minecraft. Diamonds are elusive and rare, but you can have stacks of diamonds once you have the appropriate tools and approach them efficiently.

Where to Find Diamonds in Minecraft

Diamonds will spawn below β€œY” level 16. For reference, your character’s legs are standing on the β€œY” coordinate. If you are on β€œY” coordinate 13 your head is at 14 and the block above you is 15. Start on layer 13 and dig two high passages to track down the most diamonds you can.

dig two high passages in Minecraft at Y Level

Once you have cleared this layer as much as you are willing to, go down another three blocks. You can continue to do this until you hit the bedrock layer. This process can vary wildly and you may find diamonds immediately or it may take hours.

Diamonds in Minecraft

Keep at it and you will find diamonds eventually.

Usage of Diamond in Minecraft

Diamonds are some of the rarest materials in Minecraft. They can craft some of the best tools, weapons, and armor that you can make in the game. You can also craft highly desirable blocks like the enchantment table. Doing so requires two diamonds as well as owning a diamond pickaxe. To craft an enchantment table you will need to have found a minimum of five diamonds.


They can also be used to craft more aesthetically pleasing blocks like the jukebox.

You can use diamonds to make firework stars, but I find this to be an extravagant use of your diamonds.

Nine diamonds can be used to make a diamond block which can be used to power a beacon, or simply as a decorative trophy of your mining accomplishments.

Quick Tips on Diamond Mining

Start on layer 13. Your head will be at 14 and the block above you will be layer 15 where diamonds will begin to spawn. This covers most of where diamonds will spawn and prevent you from accidentally skipping over diamonds. The most efficient way to mine for diamonds is to strip mine. Mine out tunnels two blocks apart and dig deep to find diamonds.

Minecraft Tunnels

Placing your tunnels two blocks apart allows you to see where diamonds are in the sides as well as covering the most surface area for diamond ore. These four tunnels above had diamonds in two of the tunnels. You can mine out as far as you want, but make sure to keep track of where you are as it can easily become maze-like and you may lose where you entered.


If you come across a cave system during your mining process do not shy away from it! A lot of cave systems at this β€œY” level will have exposed diamonds. Even if the cave starts to put you above layer 15, if it comes back down you will save a lot of time in mining by looking through this cave system. The strip mining is multi-purpose. Coming across diamonds is a lucky break, but keep your sounds on and listen for the groaning of zombies or the rattling of skeletons. This means that there is a cave system nearby where enemies are spawning. I find most of my diamonds in cave systems and the ambient noises of hostile mobs can lead you right to them.

Minecraft Cave

While I was strip mining this zombie alerted me to an open space. It happened to be an abandoned mine shaft! Even though diamonds will not spawn at this layer, look around for chests and emeralds. There is a lot of treasure you can come across as you are mining at this layer.

Chances are you will come across a lot of gravel during your mining expedition. Place a torch underneath the gravel to save yourself a lot of time in clearing this pesky block.

Gravel in Minecraft

Breaking the block below the gravel will cause them to fall onto the torch and they will all pop off instead of place themselves in front of you. This can save you a lot of time and can keep you digging in the same tunnel.

Once you feel you have cleared out layer 13 as best as you can without losing too much travel time, go down another four layers. You want to go down four as on layer 9 you can see the blocks below the ones you were on at layer 13. You may have dug above diamonds without knowing! Continue strip mining at this layer and continue going down four layers at a time until you have found plenty of diamonds or you have scoured enough ground.


After finding your first five diamonds, do NOT mine any more diamonds. Make a diamond pickaxe to gather some obsidian and craft an enchantment table. If you manage to get a fortune III pickaxe (either iron or diamond), every diamond block you unearth could potentially be four diamonds each! This can make or break your stacks of diamonds. Start early, do not wait until you have mined twenty blocks of diamonds to enchant your pickaxe. The diamonds are not going to run away. Either mark your coordinates to remember where the diamonds are or mark them with a trail of torches.

Cluster of Diamonds in Minecraft

I found this cluster of six diamonds and using a fortune III pickaxe I was able to turn six diamonds into eleven. Nearly doubling the amount of diamonds I had found. This was even on the low end of possibilities as each diamond had a chance of dropping four each. Unfortunately for me about two or three of the blocks dropped one diamond each and one of them dropped three. This is still a better outcome than mining them without fortune.

When you find diamonds, the first thing you may think of is to mine it as soon as you unearth it. Avoid this temptation. The diamonds may have spawned directly above lava. Mine around it to ensure there is no way that the diamonds could melt. The worst thing that can happen is finding diamonds after hours of mining and hearing them sizzle in lava.


Where can I find the most Diamonds in Minecraft?


The most reliable way is to mine them yourself with a fortune III pickaxe. However, if you are looking for naturally generated diamonds look towards end cities. Even if they do not have a fabled set of elytra, every end city will have a treasure chest full of enchanted iron/diamond weapons, tools, and armor. You can also find raw diamonds and emeralds in these chests. If you would prefer not to mine, looting end cities is by far the next best method for finding diamonds. The trade off being how dangerous it is being in the end and traveling far from your end gateway portal.

If you decide to traverse the end take an ender chest with you and spend your levels. It may be too dangerous taking stacks of diamond items across the vast voids of the end. Put all your spoils into an end chest and hop into a void to spawn back at home. Your diamond treasures will be safe in an end chest and this method is a reliable, albeit painful, way back home.

Is it better to mine at y11 or y12?

Neither. Start at β€œY” 13. If you had to pick between 11 or 12 I suppose you would want to start at 12 to maximize the amount of space you can cover. Starting at layer 13 allows you to see the layer where diamonds begin to spawn and nicely rounds down to layer 1 going four layers at a time. I find that other than efficiency in mind, the specific layer you choose to start at will not assist or hinder your diamond searching process (as long as you begin at or below layer 13). Diamonds are not fickle entities that choose to curse players. They are simply generated by the Minecraft engine. Starting at layer 13 will help you cover the most ground and therefore find more diamonds.

What is the cheat to find Diamonds in Minecraft?


You can use a command to give yourself diamonds by typing /give @p diamond 64. This will give you a stack of diamonds and can be used as many times as you would like. Cheats do have to be enabled for commands to work in the first place.

There are also plugins you can install to make stone transparent and see any ores in the distance. Be careful anytime you install third party software. Regular texture packs promising this effect do not work without any third party plugins. Just because the texture for stone was erased does not mean you can suddenly see through the block.


Diamonds can be a big source of frustration for Minecraft players. It can be difficult and time consuming tracking down diamonds and it will be even more troublesome without a plan of action. Strip mine for diamonds and cave systems. Use torches to mine gravel out for you. Try to be efficient as you mine out thousands of blocks. Do not worry yourself about the 1% of diamonds you may have skipped over. Just continue mining and you will eventually find the light blue speckled ore. Of course once you do find diamonds, remember to prioritize mining diamonds with a fortune III pickaxe. You will find plenty of diamonds the more time you put in. Be as efficient as possible and you can find stacks and stacks of diamonds.

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