Who is Herobrine?

Herobrine is a rumored mob to be seen in Minecraft possessing a similar appearance to Steve, with the exception of his glowing white eyes. His behavior is limited to corruption of the worlds, which is demonstrated by the presence of any structures that cannot be generated naturally in Minecraft and were not created by the player. Since he never existed in Vanilla Minecraft, spawning him in an unmodded version of the game is impossible.

He is a creepypasta or horror story/urban legend that has been cooked up by the massive community of Minecraft fans. Herobrine’s mentions go back to 2010 when a couple of Minecraft players claimed to have seen Herobrine haunting their single-player worlds. 

One Minecraft player even posted an unclear screenshot of what looked like Herobrine - basically Steve with glowing white eyes. And thus, began the legend of Herobrine, which eventually became a story that everyone wanted to be a part of!

Herobrine corrupted the worlds of Minecraft players, by stealing items, cutting down the leaves in forests, or by mining 2 × 2 tunnels in caves. Eventually, Herobrine came to be known as a Minecraft community symbol, adapted into skins, mods, and meme material.

Minecraft Herobrine

Image credits: Curse Forge

Story of Minecraft Herobrine

While Herobrine has never actually existed in vanilla Minecraft, his story has been around for a little over 10 years now. The creepy legend first came to surface in a Minecraft player’s unclear screenshot, in which the player reported to have spotted a figure with white glowing eyes in his singleplayer world.

At first, the image was ignored by the Minecraft community but soon, an urban legend was weaved around the mysterious figure. Minecraft players began reporting corruptions in their singleplayer survival gameplay - entire forests with no leaves on the bark, weird structures that could not have naturally spawned in the world, and even manmade 2 × 2 tunnels in underground caves. 

It so happened that these corruptions became the story of Herobrine. Some Minecraft players even started saying that Herobrine was the dead brother of Notch, the creator of Minecraft. Despite Notch having denied having any brother, dead or alive, some Minecraft fans kept believing that Herobrine was Notch’s brother who had returned to haunt Minecraft. And even without any evidence, the legend of Herobrine kept growing.

The story truly took off when the Brocraft streamer, “Copeland” photoshopped a few screenshots of the game to look like Herobrine has haunted his game. In fact, he took the story one step further and even staged a hoax using a live stream video. He started streaming his normal survival world, deliberately avoiding to go into one of the rooms of the build he was working on. 

Finally, he went into the room that contained a retextured painting to look like Herobrine. Copeland had placed that painting there to fool his audiences. He ended the live stream, kept claiming that he had seen Herobrine and got the desired result of his stream becoming a hot topic.

Another streamer by the name of Patimuss ended up using the same trope in one of his videos, where he retextured a door to look like Herobrine was floating in a field of lava. However, the streamer ended up accidentally admitting that it was a hoax in one of his streams and was bombarded with negative comments by the Minecraft community of fans.

While these two incidents were eventually proven to be fake, the story of Herobrine had already become too famous. Forums of Minecraft fans began sharing individual screenshots of either corrupted worlds or of Herobrine himself. Many Minecraft players claimed to have seen Herobrine haunting their world, but ultimately, none of these claims had any truth to them. 

Mojang often confirmed that they had never added an entity such as Herobrine to the game and neither did they plan on doing so in the future. However, Herobrine had become so massively popular that even Mojang jumped in on the game and started adding the words “Removed Herobrine” to every changelog of every update to the game. 

That is until the Minecraft 1.16 update came around, just in time for Herobrine’s 10th anniversary, that for the first time since 2010, Mojang had not added the words “Removed Herobrine” to the changelog of the update. And as expected, this one change in Mojang’s pattern left the community wondering about the existence of Herobrine.

Spawning Herobrine

Herobrine Spawning in Minecraft

Image credits: Planet Minecraft

It is not actually possible to spawn Herobrine into your Minecraft survival world while playing an unmodded version of the game. Since the haunted entity has never really existed in the unmodded game, there is no way for a player to spawn Herobrine in their world.

There are a great many theories about why some players encountered corruptions in their world during the time that the legend of Herobrine became popular. Most of these theories revolve around Minecraft simply glitching and causing some strange changes to the world. But in reality, Mojang has always denied ever having actually added anything like Herobrine into the game.

Therefore, you cannot spawn Herobrine in your Minecraft world, and most videos or articles telling you ways to spawn Herobrine are either fake or are using community-made mods in order to spawn him.

Signs of Herobrine in Minecraft

Herobrine has often been connected to a certain pattern of signs that appear in a player’s survival world. These patterns or signs have believed to be the proof of Herobrine’s existence.

The typical signs of Herobrine having haunted your Minecraft world are corruptions of some sort to your world. Any type of structures or terrain that cannot have been naturally generated in Minecraft and has not been done by the player himself is usually considered that Herorbine has messed with your game.

A few of the typical signs include groves of trees, with all the leaves removed, 2 × 2 manmade tunnels in a strip-mining fashion, as well as perfectly made sand pyramids found near oceans. Minecraft players have also reported items have gone missing from their storage as well as structures of their survival bases having been moved by the time they logged into their world to play their game.

Minecraft Herobrine Appearance and Behavior

Appearance and Behavior of Herobrine in Minecraft

Image credits:

Herobrine’s appearance resembles that of Steve, the default male character of Minecraft. The only difference that you can easily spot between the two is the presence of Herobrine’s glowing white eyes. It is believed that Herobrine’s eyes actually emit light, akin to those of Enderman or spiders. 

When it comes to the behavior of Herobrine, the entity is often known to corrupt the worlds that Minecraft users are playing in. Some players have spotted Herobrine with a pickaxe in his hands, although mostly his hands remain empty. 

Due to the pickaxe, a lot of community threads have also speculated that Herobrine is actually a dead miner that haunts the world, which would also explain the existence of the many abandoned mineshafts that generate in a Minecraft world. 

Mostly, Herobrine is not considered a hostile mob. There have been reports of Herobrine having teleported to attack or kill the player, but most of these instances, like all others, have been specific mods that govern the behavior of the entity.

How to summon Herobrine?

Since Herobrine has actually never existed in Minecraft and Mojang has often confirmed that they don’t plan to introduce him to the game either, there is no way to summon him in the unmodded version of the game.

There are many articles, videos, and threads online that claim to know about ways to summon or spawn Herobrine or even craft him on a crafting table, none of these methods actually work. The ones that do work usually have a Herobrine mod involved.

Minecraft Herobrine Mod

Minecraft’s legend of Herobrine has now become so popular that there is an entire stream of different mods that allow players to add the mysterious entity to your game. Most of these mods try to remain faithful to the existing lore of Herobrine and add the usual signs of Herobrine corruptions, including trees without leaves and manmade underground tunnels.

Additionally, Herobrine mods also allow you to actually summon Herobrine into your game. These mods allow you to fight Herobrine as you would any other mob boss in Minecraft. Each mod adds different abilities to the Herobrine boss and players can fully enjoy the urban legend that has captured the imagination of Minecraft fans for a decade.

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1. What happens when you summon Herobrine?

You cannot summon Herobrine in a vanilla Minecraft world. However, Herobrine can be added to the game with a specific mod. The behavior of the entity would depend on the features of the mod you choose to use.

2. What version of Minecraft is Herobrine in?

Mojang has repeatedly denied ever having added Herobrine to any version of the game. In fact, since 2010, they have been adding ‘Removed Herobrine’ in the change log of every update. However, in Minecraft 1.16 update, Mojang did not add the usual comment about removing Herobrine.

3. How do you find Herobrine in Minecraft?

There is no way to find Herobrine in an unmodded Minecraft survival gameplay. However, you can always use mods to add Herobrine to your gameplay and have fun with the urban legend that has haunted Minecraft players for so long.

4. How do you get Herobrine skin in Minecraft?

Herobrine is so popular amongst the Minecraft community that there are many skins based on the character for you to choose from. A great place to find an appropriate Herobrine skin is to visit

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