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Minecraft Pig

Pigs are one of the passive mobs in Minecraft. They snort and oink like regular pigs and can be distinguished by their pink bodies and snouts. Pigs are common for farming and breeding as cooked pork chops are one of the better food items available for consumption. Pigs do not do much on their own, but there are some unique interactions you can have with pigs.

Adult Pigs: 5 full hearts; Baby Piglets: 5 full heartsAdult Pigs: 1-3 pork chops, 1 saddle if saddled; Baby Piglets: N/AAdult Pigs: 1-3 XP orbs if killed1-7 upon breeding; Baby Piglets: N/A

Spawning Pigs in Minecraft

Pigs spawn naturally on grass blocks with light levels 7 or higher except for snowy tundras and wooded badlands. They may also spawn in villages inside of pens. In creative mode you can spawn pigs with spawn eggs. You may find baby piglets spawn naturally in the world as 5% of every pig spawn could be a piglet.

Behavior of Minecraft Pigs

Minecraft pigs will wander aimlessly, but will avoid cliffs and sheer drops while wandering. They will oink every now and again and flee when anything causes damage to them. A pig that is struck by lightning will transform into a zombified piglin. When a player holds carrots, beets, or potatoes in their hands a pig will follow them until their line of sight is broken.


If a player puts a saddle on the pig they can be ridden. You cannot control the pig even with potatoes, carrots, or beets in your hand, but you can control the direction they move if you are holding a carrot on a stick. With a carrot on a stick, the pig will follow the direction of the player even if it is off of a cliff.

How to Tame Pigs in Minecraft?

Unfortunately, there is no way to tame pigs in Minecraft. You can have them follow you when you have wheat in your hand, but there is no way to tame them like ocelots or wolves. You can place a saddle on the pig to ride them, but you cannot control where they walk unless you are holding a carrot on a stick.

How to Ride a Pig in Minecraft?

Grab a saddle and right click on the pig in order to place the saddle on it. Then just right click on the pig to ride the pig.

Riding a minecraft pig

They will wander aimlessly as they normally do and you cannot control them unless you are holding a carrot on a stick. To make a carrot on a stick combine a fishing rod with a carrot. The fishing rod must be placed diagonally to the left of the carrot in the crafting menu.

Crafting carrot and a stick

Keep it in your hotbar to get the use out of your carrot on a stick. Its durability will go down as you are riding the pig with the carrot on a stick in your hand.

Riding a minecraft pig


The pig will walk towards where you are facing. They are not nearly as fast as horses and really the only practical part of riding pigs is getting the β€œWhen Pigs Fly” achievement. Other than achievements, riding a pig can be a cruel way to prevent taking fall damage as you fall down. The pig will take all the fall damage and the player will be left unharmed.


How do you attract Pigs in Minecraft?

Pigs are only interested in certain crops. If you are holding a carrot, potato, or beetroot in your hand they will follow you until you lose line of sight or move too far away from them.

What do Pigs give you in Minecraft?

Pigs only drop uncooked pork chops and the saddle they may be wearing when killed. You can breed pigs to get more pigs, but pigs will only drop pork chops and XP when you hunt them down. If they are killed by fire damage or a fire aspect sword, the pork chops they drop will already be cooked. They can drop up to six pork chops when killed with a Looting III sword.

Do Pigs drop Leather in Minecraft?

Pigs do not drop leather in Minecraft. To get leather you will need to breed cows, horses, or llamas.

What do Minecraft Pigs like to eat?

Feeding a pig potato, carrots, or beetroots will cause them to breed. Unfortunately the only way to heal a pig is to use a splash potion of healing. Feeding them food does not heal them.

Did you know?

If a pig is struck by lightning either normally or through a channeling trident, they will turn into a zombified piglin. These enemies are neutral and will leave you alone if you leave them alone.


When Notch was designing the pig he accidentally flipped the dimensions of the pig causing a strange model. This strange model became the creeper that we know today.

Pigs are one of the oldest passive mobs in the game. They date before even the β€œIndev” version of java edition.

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