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If you breed a horse and a donkey together you get a mule. This is the same for Minecraft. Minecraft mules are similar to horses in that you can ride them across the land for quicker travel. However, they are also capable of holding items for you. They have some unique interactions and quirks that set them apart from horses. This guide will cover the spawning of mules, the behavior you can expect from mules, as well as what a mule will drop when killed. 

Spawning of Mules in Minecraft

Mules will never spawn naturally in Minecraft. The only way you can find a mule in the game is if you spawn or breed one yourself. 

Spawning of Mules in Minecraft

You can get a mule to spawn by breeding a horse and a donkey. You can do so by first taming both the donkey and the horse. The horse or donkey does not require a saddle to breed with each other, you just need to be able to tame them. 

Once the donkey and the horse are tamed simply feed each of them a golden apple or a golden carrot to have them enter love mode. If you have a choice you should use golden carrots as the carrots take less gold. 

Spawning of Mules in Minecraft

The mule will spawn after about 10 seconds of feeding both the donkey and the horse. Once the mule grows up you can attach a saddle and a chest to the mule. 

Behavior of Mules in Minecraft

Mules will behave similarly to horses. You will need to tame them first, and to control where they are moving you will need to equip them with a saddle. To equip a saddle, just hop on the back of the mule and open your inventory. There will be a slot in the top left that is designated for a saddle. 

Behavior of Mules in Minecraft

Their speed and jump stats are dependent on their parent’s stats. If the horse has nearly maxed stats and the donkey has nearly maxed stats, their offspring will also have nearly maxed stats. However, the formula in the game takes the average of both of the parent’s stats to give to the offspring. If you have a very slow donkey and a very fast horse, the resulting mule will have average speed. This is the case for their health and jump stat as well. 

Mules can also be equipped with a chest to hold 15 slots of inventory. You can lead multiple mules around if you happen to need more inventory space. 

Mules can also be equipped with a chest to hold 15 slots of inventory

To equip a chest to the mule, hold a chest in your hotbar and right click on the mule to strap it with a chest. You cannot reobtain the chest unless you kill your mule. It would be best to use only your best mules for carrying inventory space. 

Drops of Mules in Minecraft

Killing a mule will grant you 1-3 experience and they will drop 0-2 leather. If they were equipped with a saddle and a chest they will also drop these items. If the mule was holding items in the chest, the mule would also drop these items upon death. Keep them away from lava to prevent your items from burning to a crisp. 

Drops of Mules in Minecraft

Since mules do not naturally spawn and breeding them for leather is much less efficient than simply breeding cows, you ought to find leather elsewhere. If you really need your chest back that badly then you can kill the mule to get your chest back, but this will rarely be the case. 

In a Nutshell

Mules are useful mobs in Minecraft as they can be utilized as pack mules. You can carry much more inventory if you need to travel far for a certain material. They can also be used to keep your inventory clear of clutter. The only downside of using a mule instead of a horse is that you cannot equip a mule with horse armor, protecting it from damage. Keep your mule safe and it will help you throughout your journeys. 


Can you breed two Mules to get another Mule in Minecraft?

Mules cannot be bred with any animal. You cannot breed a mule with a mule, and you cannot do so with a horse or a donkey. If you want more mules, you will need to breed a horse and a donkey again. There is a cooldown before the same two animals can breed again, but you can use the same horse and donkey to make as many mules as you would like. Just ensure they have good stats if you want your mule to move fast and jump high. 

How do you give a Mule an Inventory?

If you want your mule to be able to hold items, just give it a chest. To give your mule a chest, hold a chest in your hotbar and right click on the mule to give it an inventory. When you open your inventory while riding on a mule you will see the mule’s inventory in addition to yours. You can move items back and forth between your inventory and the mule’s. Just do not forget about the items your mule is holding before you head out again. 

How do you remove the chest from a Mule?

Unfortunately there is no easy way to remove a chest from a mule. If you really want your chest back you will need to kill the mule. You should never really be strapped for wood as you can grow it potentially infinitely, but if you are doing a unique challenge run of some kind, you can always reobtain your chest by killing the mule. 


Congratulations, you now know the intricacies of breeding and maintaining a mule in Minecraft. While there is not much to remember, they are unique in that they cannot breed with themselves. To use a mule to its greatest efficiency you will want to equip it with a saddle and a chest; ensure that you only breed your highest stat horse and donkey; and remember to utilize the extra 15 slots of inventory the mule offers you. 

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