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Minecraft Paper

One of the most surprisingly valuable pieces of material in Minecraft is paper. It may not seem like you can do too much with it, but once you have reached the end and found a pair of Elytra you will need paper to make rockets. Luckily paper is a very easy to attain resource and can be grown through sugarcane.

Crafting paper in Minecraft



The row you use to place the sugarcane does not matter and will yield paper nonetheless.

How to Get?

Paper will spawn in three different loot chests. Shipwrecks, strongholds, and cartographer chests in villages. This is not a reliable way to get paper as you can find up to about twelve, and sometimes only up to five, pieces of paper per chest. It is much easier and efficient to grow sugarcane yourself than to track down a shipwreck, stronghold, or hope to find a cartographer in a village.

How to Make?

To make paper track down some sugarcane. Sugarcane will grow next to a water source block on sand or dirt.

Sugarcane in Minecraft

You only need one to plant more, but gather as much as you find. After you have at least three sugarcane you can make paper. Take your sugarcane to a crafting table and place three sugarcane in a row.

Crafting paper in Minecraft

It does not matter which row you use to make the paper. That’s all you need to make paper.

How to Use?


Paper is used in many recipes. There are six banners you can make with paper, one is exclusive to the Java edition and one exclusive to the Bedrock edition. You can make books, cartography tables, maps, locator maps, and firework rockets out of paper.

Crafting a Banner Pattern

Placing an appropriate pattern material with paper will give you the respective banner pattern.

If you place leather in with three pieces of paper anywhere in the crafting menu you can make a book.

Crafting a book in Minecraft

This is one of the more useful applications of paper as books can be enchanted to help you find the perfect enchanted item.

Placing nine pieces of paper in the crafting menu will create an empty map.

Crafting an empty Map

This is the lowest level map and will show only the chunk you are currently in. To upgrade the map ensure you open the map by right clicking with the map selected to create a map of the chunk you are in. Then you can surround the map with more paper to upgrade the map. You can do this up to four times.

Crafting an empty map level 2

If you remove the middle piece of paper and replace it with a compass you can make a locator map.

Crafting an empty map locator

This map is handy as it will show you the location of players in the world.

Placing gunpowder and paper in a crafting menu will allow you to make rockets.

Crafting Firework in Minecraft

Rockets are incredibly useful while flying with Elytra as it allows you to gain a lot of momentum for keeping an inventory slot dedicated to a stack of rockets. You can also create decorative fireworks with firework stars, paper, and gunpowder.

Crafting a firework rocket in Minecraft

Using firework rocket in Minecraft

This does not have much of a practical effect, but looks pretty.



Because sugarcane can be grown infinitely, paper is also infinite. If you have a librarian who will buy paper for emeralds this also makes emeralds infinite.


What is the fastest way to get paper in Minecraft?

Plant a lot of sugarcane. Unfortunately there is only one easy way to get a substantial amount of paper and that is to wait for sugarcane to grow. One block of water can support four sugarcane plants so you can build a grid of sugarcane to make a lot of paper. If you want to make more paper faster, plant more sugarcane.

Can you buy paper from villagers?

Librarian and Cartographer villagers will not sell paper but they will buy paper. This means that villagers cannot provide paper, but they can turn your paper into emeralds.

Can you turn books into paper in Minecraft?

While paper is used to make books, books cannot be used to make paper. Unfortunately there is no way to break an item back into its original parts.

Can you make paper out of bamboo in Minecraft?

Bamboo cannot be used to make paper. In fact, bamboo is only used to make sticks or scaffolding.

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