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Parrots are rare tameable mobs in Minecraft. These feathered companions can only be found in the jungle biome of your world. They are rather elusive, but come in 5 different colors to collect. Parrots can make for good companions to you as they will alert you to nearby mobs. There are some unique interactions you can experience with parrots. This guide will show you how parrots spawn, their behavior, and the drops you can expect from parrots in Minecraft. 

Spawning of Parrots in Minecraft

Parrots are rare mobs of the jungle. They have a 0.2% chance to spawn in jungle biomes. They can be found in groups of 1-2 at “Y” level 70 or above. They only spawn on logs, leaves, and grass blocks. Since parrots are so rare you will oftentimes need to set up camp in the jungle just to be able to find a parrot. 

Spawning of Parrots in Minecraft

Since jungles are typically rich in flora, look around for seeds if you do not have any. You will need seeds in order to tame the parrot. Due to their rarity you may want to listen for their chirps rather than stare at your screen. 

Behavior of Parrots in Minecraft

Parrots are passive mobs that can fly. They will usually only hover a couple blocks high before they eventually tire and return to the ground. You can often find parrots around other mobs to mimic the sounds they make. 

Behavior of Parrots in Minecraft

Parrots have a lot of unique interactions. Firstly they will perch on your shoulder if the parrot is tamed. You can get a parrot on your shoulder when you walk through a tamed parrot. They will dismount if you jump down terrain, take damage, submerge into water at any height, start drowning, sleep on a bed, or start taking lava damage. 

Parrots have a lot of unique interactions

They will also mimic nearby mobs. You can tell what mob it is as it is typically a higher pitched zombie groan or a chirpy wolf bark. Whatever mob they are mimicking is a mob that is within 20 blocks of range. Although they will occasionally mimic a mob that is not nearby. 

Parrots will also dance if near a jukebox that is playing music. You can see their heads bobbing along and all nearby parrots will be synchronized as they are dancing to the music. 

Parrots dancing in Minecraft

Despite the common phrase “Polly want a cracker?” if you feed a parrot a cookie, the parrot will die. In the Java edition, the parrot will instantly die, whereas in Bedrock edition the parrot will receive fatal poison. This is referencing the fact that chocolate is toxic to parrots in real life. 

You cannot breed parrots in Minecraft

You cannot breed parrots in Minecraft. 

Drops of Parrots in Minecraft

Killing a parrot will drop 1-3 experience and 1-2 feathers. You can obtain up to 5 feathers with the looting III enchantment. Since parrots are so rare, you ought to try and obtain feathers through different means. You should not try to farm feathers through parrots as chickens are much easier and more efficient. 

Drops of Parrots in Minecraft

In a Nutshell

Parrots are interesting companions in Minecraft. While they do not outright protect you by attacking mobs, they will alert you to other mobs that are nearby. If you hear your parrot hissing, keep an eye out for creepers, they can keep you aware of your surroundings without you paying too much attention. They can make for good companions as they will idly chirp and whistle as you go about your business. 


How do you make parrots dance in Minecraft?

You can make a parrot dance by playing a music disc in a jukebox. Doing so will cause parrots that are within 3 blocks of the jukebox to begin bobbing their heads and dancing to the music. All the parrots heads will be synced up as you do this.  

Why does my parrot hiss at me in Minecraft?

Your parrot will hiss if there is a creeper nearby. If you hear your parrot hissing, you ought to check your surroundings before you get surprised by a creeper. Sometimes your parrot will mimic sounds of mobs even if they are not nearby. So keep an eye out to see if the parrots are helping you or tricking you. 

Can you fly with a parrot in Minecraft?

Despite the parrot's ability to fly, you cannot fly with a parrot on your shoulder. They will fall off as you fly off. Like most tamed mobs they will attempt to teleport close to your position, but only when you land and if the parrot is within a loaded chunk. Stay close to them and keep them on leads or in a boat to keep track of the parrot. 


Congratulations, you now know what to expect out of parrots. Oftentimes they can alert you to hostile mobs sooner than they can attack you. Other times they will trick you into believing a creeper is nearby. If you keep more than one parrot nearby and you hear both of them hissing, there is most likely a creeper nearby. These feathery birds can make for a nicer ambient experience as you are playing Minecraft. 

Where to find parrots in Minecraft?

Where to find parrots in Minecraft?

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