Pufferfish Minecraft

The ocean biomes within Minecraft are often like their own little worlds that hold a variety of different life that is quite separate from the surface world. To properly take advantage of your surroundings it would do you a wealth of good to understand the very creatures that dwell within these ocean biomes so that you can take advantage of the resources that they can offer. The pufferfish is one of these examples, and is far more unique in its properties than people give it credit for. 

Pufferfish Minecraft

In this article we shall go over the pufferfish and how it can be better understood for your own benefit.

How To Find

As alluded to before, pufferfish can only be found in ocean biomes, oftentimes spawning in groups of 3 within lukewarm or deep lukewarm ocean biomes, so keep the temperature of the climate in mind when looking for them.

How to find Pufferfish in Minecraft

 Keep in mind however, they more often than not will spawn on the surface. 


A pufferfish is unique with how it will act around players and other mobs. If approached by the aforementioned characters it will immediately inflate itself as a form of self defense. 

Behavior of Pufferfish in Minecraft

When a pufferfish is fully puffed, any player or mob that touches it will not only be damaged, but receive the poisoned status effect. A pufferfish will also fully inflate themselves if they take damage of any kind, so be wary if you plan on killing one outright so as to circumvent any unnecessary damage. 

Drops and Acquisition

For those who are seeking to gain the most out of these creatures here is a list of items that can be acquired from pufferfish upon their deaths:

  1. Bone Meal
  2. Pufferfish
  3. 1-2 bones
  4. 1-3 experience points

Keep in mind that there are varying chances for the probability of bone meal and bones being dropped by pufferfish in the first place. For bonemeal it is a 5% chance. For bones itself however it is a 25% chance.

If you have a metal bucket with you however, you can also acquire it whole for possible brewing opportunities.

Drops and Acquistion of Pufferfish in Minecraft

 Alternatively pufferfish can also be gained through fishing if you desire it, making another avenue for which you can obtain this unique aquatic creature. 

Also be extremely wary of the idea of consuming pufferfish itself, for while it may restore hunger you're going to be hit by a whole host of debuffs. These debuffs include hunger, poison and nausea, which can all make your life very miserable if all are activated at once. It’s very much recommended that you don’t treat pufferfish as a food item and more as a brewing ingredient for your convenience. 


Pufferfish are an interesting ocean dwelling creature that can’t necessarily be consumed like much of its more common counterparts. Just because they cannot be used for consumption and healing however, doesn’t mean that they don’t have a value that can be exploited in your favor. With a pufferfish in a bucket, you can create a potion of water breathing or a mundane potion. It’s up to you how best to use such a creature, and to notice how best it can suit your needs. 

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