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Shulker Box

One of the most desirable items in Minecraft would have to be the shulker box. While defeating the dragon only really rewards a boat load of experience, the true reward is found in end cities. The shulker enemies found in end cities will drop shulker shells which can be used to make shulker boxes. These shulker boxes will hold twenty-seven inventory slots and will keep its inventory when it is broken. This means you can hold many more stacks of items with you as you travel across the land.

Shulker Box

Shulker Box

Shulker Shell


Shulker Shell

You can use any column to make the shulker box, but it will have to maintain this arrangement.

How to Get a Shulker Box in Minecraft

Shulker boxes do not naturally generate in Minecraft and you will have to venture out into end cities to obtain them. You will need to gather shulker shells from shulker enemies to make a shulker box.

Shulker Shells

Head inside an end city and ensure you have a sword with the Looting enchantment on it. Unlike many mobs shulkers will only spawn once and will not respawn in the same end city after you defeat them all. To find more shulkers you will have to find more end cities and killing the shulkers with the Looting enchantment will ensure you have all the shells you need for your boxes.

Once you have made it inside,keep an eye out for shulkers.

Shulkers in Minecraft


Watch out for the projectiles that shulkers will shoot at you. These projectiles do not do much damage on their own, but the levitating effect they inflict on you can cause you to take a lethal amount of fall damage. Stay above a ledge or under a ceiling to prevent floating too high. When the shulker’s shell is closed it takes much less damage, wait for it to open and attack it with your Looting sword to get some shulker shells to drop.

How to Make a Shulker Box in Minecraft

- Two Shulker Shells

- One Chest

To make a shulker box you will need two shulker shells that drop from shulker enemies and one regular chest. Head to a crafting table and place the chest in the centermost slot and arrange the shulker shells above and below it.

Crafting a Shulkers Box

This will award you with the much desirable shulker box.

How to Use a Shulker Box in Minecraft

Shulker boxes work similarly to regular single chests. Place it down and right click on it to open it. A shulker box can hold twenty seven inventory slots, but when you break it, the shulker box will maintain the items inside.

Shulkers Box UI

This means you can mine twenty seven more stacks of cobblestone with an empty shulker in your inventory while only dedicating one slot of inventory to the shulker box. Breaking a shulker box will simply drop the shulker box and you can pick it up and move it like a backpack.

Shulkers Box

Combining shulker boxes with ender chests is essential as it allows you to keep all your valuables safely hidden away in an ender chest as well as keeping large amounts of inventory handy at all times. Once I have reached this stage of the game I always keep an ender chest in my inventory, and many shulker boxes in my ender chest to hold much more inventory.

Ender Chest


You can keep extra food and provisions, emergency sets of armor/weapons/tools, or simply extra slots of inventory by keeping a healthy amount of shulker boxes in your ender chests.

Shulker boxes are also dyeable. You can change the color by simply adding a shulker box to your crafting menu and a piece of dye.

Shulkers Box

The shulker box will maintain its inventory so you do not need to worry about keeping the box empty. Shulker boxes are incredibly useful and you can keep over fifty times your inventory space by having enough shulker boxes.

You can also change the name of your shulker boxes at an anvil.

Shulkers Box Repair Menu

Just click on the name bar above the three slots and change the name to whatever you want.


Filling your inventory and ender chest up with shulker boxes you can hold over 1,727 different stacks of items or 110,000 items at a time! Adding a caravan of ten llamas means you can hold 4,050 stacks of items.

You can undye a shulker box by filling a cauldron with water and using a colored shulker box on it. The water level will drop and the shulker will go back to its default color.

Shulker boxes can be placed on walls or ceilings to provide some interesting storage capabilities. It can also be used for parkour worlds as the shulker’s block size changes when you open it. So you can add multiple shulkers in succession to create a staircase if you are fast enough.


Can you put a shulker box in a shulker box?


Unfortunately, the developers already saw this interaction coming and prevented infinite shulker box space. This is probably for the best as going into a shulker box to find more shulker boxes is an easy way to lose where you placed an item.

How do you change the color of a shulker box?

To change the color of a shulker, just place the shulker box in a crafting menu alongside the color of dye you want. If the dye exists in Minecraft, you can change your shulker box to that color. There are seventeen different colors you can dye your shulker box so get creative and use them as colorful storage or as a way to keep track of your items.

How do you change the name of a shulker box?

To change the name of a shulker box simply place a shulker box into an anvil and rename it from the top bar. This will cost one level and the shulker box will show its new name when you hover over it to help you keep track of what items you are keeping in your boxes.

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