What does Mending do in Minecraft

If you are considering what the best enchantments are for any particular weapon, tool, or armor in Minecraft, you ought to consider mending. Mending is by far one of the best enchantments in the game as it grants your equipment longevity. While it does take away from your experience gain, it prevents you from spending end-game materials replacing your tools, weapons, and armor. This guide will show you how to find mending in Minecraft, how to use mending, as well as what items are incompatible with the mending enchantment. 

How to find Mending in Minecraft?

Mending is a treasure enchantment, meaning it can never be naturally found in an enchantment table. Not even level 30 enchantments will ever offer mending, not on your tools/weapons/armor, and not even books will drop with mending from an enchantment table. 

How to find Mending in Minecraft

So, in order to locate a mending enchanted item, you must find it through a treasure drop. This includes” chest loot from shipwrecks, dungeons, or strongholds; fishing; raids; and trading with villagers. It is a powerful enchantment so you can only expect to find it through difficult means. 

Locating a mending enchanted item

The simplest way to obtain mending is to get yourself a villager. You can cure a zombie villager to get the absolute lowest prices, and you can change the villager’s profession by breaking its assigned jobsite block or by placing a lectern nearby. 

Getting yourself a villager

Once the villager has an assigned bed and a lectern as a jobsite block they should turn into librarians. Check the librarian’s trade inventory to see if mending is one of the trade offers. If it is not, break the lectern and replace it. This will refresh the librarian’s trade options. If you already traded with the librarian you will need to start over. Trading with a villager will lock its profession into place, preventing you from switching its inventory or profession. 


How to Use Mending in Minecraft?

If you are fortunate enough to find a dungeon with a mob spawner, keep the spawner around. You can utilize this spawner as a mechanism to infinitely repair the durability of your items. As you can see below, this spawner pushes the zombies that spawn below to take fall damage and become easy pickings for experience. 

How to Use Mending in Minecraft

Once you are satisfied with the number of zombies that have fallen, you can head down to finish off the zombies and get all the experience you need for your tools, weapons, and armor. 

Finishing off the zombies

If you were not so lucky to find one you can also create a mob trap in the end to farm enderman for experience. If you have an armor piece or tool equipped in your hotbar as you pick up experience, mending will repair the durability of that piece of equipment. 

Creating a mob trap

Mending goes in tandem with the unbreaking enchantment, preventing the need to repair your items as frequently, but neither enchantment replaces the other. You will want unbreaking and mending on any piece that accepts it. Unbreaking to increase the overall durability meter up to 400%, and mending to repair the item back to full. 

 Unbreaking and Mending

What Items can Mending not go on in Minecraft?

Mending will go on any piece of armor, sword, trident, and just about any tools. You cannot put mending on any piece of equipment with infinity, ruling out most bows. You cannot put mending on any equippable item that does not have a durability bar, like mob heads or pumpkins. 

What Items can Mending not go on in Minecraft

In the above example, the bow is enchanted with infinity and the enchanted book holds mending. You cannot give an infinity enchanted item mending without the use of commands. 

What Items can Mending not go on in Minecraft

You can put mending on Elytra, extending its longevity to potentially infinite as long as you are paying attention to the durability bar. Just because an item has mending on it does not mean it cannot break. Pay attention to the item’s durability bar, it will be frustrating having a netherite tool, weapon, or armor break simply because you forgot to gain experience. 

In a Nutshell

Mending is an incredibly desirable enchantment as it will prevent you from having to remake netherite tools, weapons, or armor. You can save yourself many diamonds and netherite ingots this way. It is also vital for equipment like tridents or elytra as it is not cheap to repair these items. Instead of using levels and spare tridents or sets of wings, you can just try to locate a mending book. 


Can mending go on Elytra in Minecraft?

Mending can absolutely go on elytra and should be enchanted with mending the first opportunity you get. There is nothing worse than spending hours searching for a pair of these coveted wings and then losing them to durability. Forget about spending phantom membranes and levels to repair your elytra, use a mending enchanted book the first chance you get. 

Does mending make your enchanted item’s durability infinite?

It becomes potentially infinite. It never becomes weaker as you continue to repair it with experience. This does not mean it will never break. You can easily still break your tools, weapons, or armor by forgetting to keep tabs on its durability bar. Just because it has mending does not mean you cannot lose the item. Keep yourself gaining experience and keep an eye on your durability bars to ensure you do not waste precious materials or precious enchantments. 

What is the easiest way to find Mending in Minecraft?

As outlined above, you will want to get a librarian with the mending enchantment. That is by far the easiest and most consistent method of obtaining a mending book. There is no other method that grants you as many mending books and certainly no easier method. You can occasionally find mending books by fishing, but this method is very inconsistent. 


Congratulations, you now know how to obtain one of the best enchantments available in Minecraft. While mending does not accomplish much on its own, giving your best equipment insurance against breaking is a must and saves you many endgame materials. While it can be difficult to find, do not skip out on saving a villager and finding a librarian with mending as an available trade. 

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