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Minecraft Wolf

Dogs are a man’s best friend and you can have one in Minecraft as well. More accurately a wolf, but they bark like dogs and a tamed wolf will attack anything that attacks you. These furry little friends are neutral mobs until you tame them. Taming a wolf grants you a companion that will help keep you safe and attack most hostile mobs nearby as long as they are not told to sit.

Minecraft Wolf

HealthBehaviorAttack StrengthUseable Items
(Wild) 4 full hearts; (Tamed) 10 full heartsPassive in Peaceful difficult; Neutral when tamed by another player or wild; Hostile if provokedEasy: 1.5 full hearts; Normal: 2 full hearts; Hard: 3 full heartsBones, Meat, Dye, Lead; (Bedrock Edition), Fish, Rabbit Stew

Where do Minecraft Wolves spawn?

Wolves will spawn in forest biomes. You can find them in forests, taigas, snowy taigas, and giant-tree taigas. They spawn in packs of four and about 10% of these spawns will be puppies.

Minecraft Wolf

Wolves only spawn in forest biomes as this mimics real life.

Behavior and Appearance of Minecraft Wolves

Wild wolves have a subtly different appearance from tamed wolves. Their eyes are not as wide, their tails are lower, and the collar is a dead giveaway from a wild wolf to a tamed wolf.

Minecraft Wolf

A wolf’s tail indicates its health bar. The lower it is, the lower they are on health points. A tamed wolf will regularly have a higher tail as tamed wolves have 10 full hearts and wild wolves only have 4 full hearts.


Hitting a wolf will aggro all nearby wolves to attack you as well. This will change their appearance to be much more threatening as they attack you.

Minecraft Wolf

Their eyes will change color and their brow will furrow indicating that they are aggroed onto something. This menacing look will also occur if there is a sheep nearby. Wild wolves will attack nearby sheep and pounce towards them aggressively.

To tame a wolf, approach one with bones and right click until you see hearts come out.

Minecraft Wolf

Their heads will tilt as if begging for a treat and each attempt to tame the wolf will result in black smoke particles or heart particles if successful. Their heads will tilt if the player is holding any meat food item that the wolf can eat, however, only bones can be used to tame a wolf.

Minecraft Wolf

Each attempt has a 33% chance of succeeding so bring a few extra bones if you want to ensure taming the wolf. Their collars can be dyed any color. Simply right click on the tamed wolf with a dye in your hand to change the color of their collar.

Minecraft Wolf

You can tell a tamed wolf to sit to keep it from teleporting to you and keep it safe. Right click on the tamed wolf to have them stay.

What do Minecraft Wolves Drop?

Wolves do not have any drops. They will drop 1-3 experience points, but they do not drop bones, meat, or leather. Wolves are relatively dangerous to farm, and seeing as they do not drop anything it is not advisable to attempt to kill wolves.



A tamed wolf will still aggro onto other players if the player provokes the wolf by attacking its owner or attacking the wolf itself.

A named wolf will appear in the text for how a player died.

You can breed tamed wolves but not wild wolves.


How do you tame a wolf in Minecraft?

Feed the wolf bones to tame it. Each bone will give you a 33% chance that you tame the wolf.

What do Minecraft Wolves eat?

Wolves will eat any raw or cooked meat food items. This will also heal the wolf, in Bedrock edition, the wolf is healed by the amount that the food item heals hunger. In the Java edition, raw foods will heal half a heart and cooked foods will heal a full heart.

Do tamed wolves attack sheep?

If you have tamed the wolf, you can rest easy knowing they will not attack nearby sheep. You do not have to keep them sitting around your farm animals. Tamed wolves will not attack any passive mobs unless you attack them first.

Where do wolves spawn in Minecraft?

Where do wolves spawn in Minecraft?

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