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UFC News: Jorge Masvidal might step in for Usman or Covington if needed, but only with the right pay

Anwesha Nag
04 Nov 2019, 12:50 IST

Jorge Masvidal defeats Nate Diaz for BMF title
Jorge Masvidal defeats Nate Diaz for BMF title

Jorge Masvidal is a happy and content man right now.

Although the BMF title fight with Nate Diaz did not go as he would have wanted, he is still thrilled to be wearing the belt around his waist. He even said jokingly that he would wear that belt out in the public as well.

But that does not mean his burning ambition to collect more such titles have doused even a little bit.

Jorge Masvidal: I’d be the hero they need, but don’t deserve

In the post-fight press conference after Saturday night’s UFC 244 event, he admitted to having his eyes set for the next one instead of milking this achievement in every interview.

It was a not-so-subtle reference to the Welterweight title, which is currently held by Kamaru Usman. Colby Covington will be challenging him for the belt at UFC 245 on December 14, but it is not a fight that makes any difference to Masvidal. In fact, he does not even want to watch it.

“I don’t need to see that fight, so I won’t be watching that (expletive). Who the (expletive) have they knocked out? I’ve got more stoppages this year than their whole (expletive) career combined. That’s just math, though. You can look it up.”

When asked if he would be ready to step in and save the day if either of the fighters has to withdraw, Masvidal said he would consider it, but only with the right pay. And according to him, the figure would be a big one.

“I’d be the hero they need, but they don’t deserve, man. They’d have to whip out the checkbook like they haven’t done it… Dana’s not going to like the figure. Neither’s Hunter or the UFC. So I’ll put it out there anyway, so it’s out in the universe. If one of those sissies gets hurt, they gotta pay me, man. They gotta (expletive) pay me.”

Even if Masvidal does not step into the Octagon for the next two months, this year would still be one of the best in his career. With a punching victory over Darren Till at UFC Fight Night 147 and an express five-second win against Ben Askren at UFC 239 in the fastest knockout in history, he would be ending the year on the highest note possible with the newest feather on his cap – the BMF title.


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Watch the full press conference here.

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