Las Vegas Raiders Playoff History

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The Las Vegas Raiders compete in the AFC West Division of the NFL. The franchise was originally established in 1960 as the Oakland Raiders and based out of California. The franchise played in the NFL as the Oakland Raiders from 1960 to 1981. The team shifted to Los Angeles between 1982 to 1994 (when they were known as the Los Angeles Raiders). The team returned to Oakland in 1995 and remained as the Oakland Raiders till 2019. Since 2020 the franchise has been known as the Las Vegas Raiders and their home stadium is at the Allegiant Stadium in Nevada.

The Raiders have a total of 22 Playoff appearances since their establishment. The team enjoyed most of their NFL playoff success during the 1970s. The Raiders have won the Super Bowl thrice (1976, 1980, 1983). The Las Vegas Raiders booked a berth in the 2021-22 NFL Playoffs after coming 2nd in the AFC West Division, with a season record of 10-7.

Las Vegas Raiders Playoff Appearances by Year

2021 Qualified for the Playoffs by coming 2nd in the AFC West Division. Playoff games are pending.

2016 Knocked out in the Wild Card Round against Houston Texans (14-27)

2002 Lost the Super Bowl against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (21-48)

2001 Lost Divisional Round against the New England Patriots in overtime (13-16)

2000 Lost the Conference Championship against the Baltimore Ravens (3-16)

1993 Lost Divisional Round to Buffalo Bills (23-29)

1991 Lost Wild Card Round against the Kansas City Chiefs (6-10)

1990 Lost Conference Championship against Buffalo Bills (3-51)

1985 Lost Divisional Round against the New Engladn Patriots (20-27)

1984 Knocked out in the Wild Card Round against the Seattle Seahawks (7-13)

1983 Won the Super Bowl by defeating the Washington Redskins (38-9)

1982 Lost Divisional Round against the New York Jets (14-17)

1980 Won the Super Bowl by defeating the Philadelphia Eagles (27-10)

1977 Lost the Conference Championship against the Denver Broncos (17-20)

1976 Won the Super Bowl by defeating the Minnesota Vikings (32-14)

1975 Lost the Conference Championship against the Pittsburgh Steelers (10-16)

1974 Lost the Conference Championship against the Pittsburgh Steelers (13-24)

1973 Lost the Conference Championship against Miami Dolphins (10-27)

1972 Lost the Divisional Round against the Pittsburgh Steelers (7-13)

1970 Lost the Conference Championship against the Baltimore Colts (17-27)

1969 Lost the Conference Championship against the Kansas City Chiefs (7-17)

1968 Lost the Conference Championship against the New York Jets (23-27)

1967 Lost the Super Bowl to the Green Bay Packers (14-33)

Playoff Games Won by Las Vegas Raiders

Total Playoff games played: 44

Playoff (wins-losses): 25-19

Wild Card Round wins: 4 (out of 7 games)

Divisional Round wins: 13 (out of 18 games)

Conference Championship wins: 5 (out of 14 games)

Super Bowl wins: 3 (out of 5 games)

How many playoff games has Gene Upshaw played at the Oakland Coliseum?

Gene Upshaw, lovably called ‘Uptown Gene; or ‘Highway 63’ by Raiders fans played as guard for the Raiders. He reached the Super Bowl in the 60s, 70s and 80s with the Raiders and is the only player to feature in Super Bowls across three decades with the same team. He was drafted by the Oakland Raiders in 1967 and played for them till 1981. Upshaw played 207 games straight for the Raiders as an offensive guard. Upshaw played 25 NFL playoff games in total with the Raiders. He played 10 playoff games with the Raiders at the Oakland Coliseum.

How many times have the Las Vegas Raiders made the playoffs with Art Shell and Gene Shaw?

Along with Gene Shaw (offensive guard); Art Shell (offensive tackle) is one of the most celebrated players in the Raiders history. The two Pro Bowl Hall of Famers won two Super Bowls with the Raiders and had 10 playoff appearances together. Here are the playoff games where Art Shell and Gene Shaw both featured for the Raiders.

WeekDate OpponentPoints Scored Points AllowedStadium
1980 Playoffs- Wild Card RoundDec 28, 1980Houston Oilers277Oakland Coliseum, California
1980 Playoffs- Divisional RoundJan 4, 1981Cleveland Browns1412Cleveland Stadium, Ohio
1980 Playoffs- Conference ChampionshipJan 11, 1981San Diego Chargers3427Jack Murphy Stadium, California
1980 Playoffs- NFL Super BowlJan 25, 1981Philadelphia Eagles2710Louisiana Superdome, Louisiana
1977 Playoffs- Divisional RoundDec 24, 1977Baltimore Colts3731Memorial Stadium, Baltimore
1977 Playoffs- Conference ChampionshipJan 1, 1978Denver Broncos1720Mile High Stadium, Colorado
1976 Playoffs- Divisional RoundDec 18, 1976New England Patriots2421Oakland Coliseum, California
1976 Playoffs- Conference ChampionshipDec 26, 1976Pittsburgh Steelers247Oakland Coliseum, California
1976 Playoffs- NFL Super BowlJan 9, 1977Minnesota Vikings3214Rose Bowl, California
1975 Playoffs- Divisional RoundDec 28, 1975Cincinnati Bengals 3128Oakland Coliseum, California
1975 Playoffs- Conference ChampionshipJan 4, 1976Pittsburgh Steelers1016Three Rivers Stadium, Pennsylvania
1974 Playoffs- Divisional RoundDec 21, 1974Miami Dolphins2826Oakland Coliseum, California
1974 Playoffs- Conference ChampionshipDec 29, 1974Pittsburgh Steelers1324Oakland Coliseum, California
1973 Playoffs- Divisional RoundDec 22, 1973Pittsburgh Steelers3314Oakland Coliseum, California
1973 Playoffs- Conference ChampionshipDec 30, 1973Miami Dolphins1027Miami Orange Bowl, Florida
1972 Playoffs- Divisional RoundDec 23, 1972Pittsburgh Steelers713Three Rivers Stadium, Pennsylvania
1970 Playoffs- Divisional RoundDec 27, 1970Miami Dolphins 2114Three Rivers Stadium, Pennsylvania
1970 Playoffs- Conference ChampionshipJan 3, 1971Baltimore Colts1727Memorial Stadium, Baltimore
1969 Playoffs (AFL)- Divisional RoundDec 21, 1969Houston Oilers567Oakland Coliseum, California
1969 Playoffs (AFL)- Conference ChampionshipJan 4, 1970Kansas City Chiefs 717Oakland Coliseum, California
1968 Playoffs (AFL)- Divisional RoundDec 22, 1968Kansas City Chiefs416Oakland Coliseum, California
1968 Playoffs (AFL)- Conference ChampionshipDec 29, 1968New York Jets2327Shea Stadium, New TYork

Las Vegas Raiders Championships and Rings Won

The Raiders have won 4 Championship Rings. One of the Championship Rings is with an AFL Championship win and the other 3 are from Super Bowl wins.

1967 (AFL)

1976 (Super Bowl XI)

1980 (Super Bowl XV)

1983 (Super Bowl XVIII)

Las Vegas Raiders Overall Playoff Stats

Total Playoff Games Played: 44

Overall Playoff Record (Wins-Losses): 25-19

Total Super Bowls Won: 3 (5 Appearances)

All-time Passing Leader: Derek Carr 2,896/4,456, 31,700 yds, 193 TD

All-time Rushing Leader: Marcus Allen 2,090 att, 8,545 yds, 79 TD

All-time Receiving Leader: Tim Brown 1,070 rec, 14,734 yds, 99 TD

All-time Scoring Leader: Sebastian Janikowski 1,799 points

All-time AV Leader: Jim Otto 163 AV

Coach with most wins: John Madden 103-32-7

Las Vegas Raiders Super Bowl Stats

Total Super Bowl Appearances: 5

Super Bowls Won: 3

Super Bowl Winning Seasons: 1976, 1980, 1983

Most Scoring Super Bowl Win: 38-9 win against the Washington Redskins in 1984 Super Bowl

Lowest Scoring Super Bowl Loss: 21-48 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2003 Super Bowl