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Pro Wrestling: 10 Pro Wrestlers who could be Hollywood Superstars


NXT's own Adam Cole (Bay Bay)

Sports entertainment and the movie industry have quite a bit in common, much more than most people might suspect. Both require a certain amount of charisma to succeed in, and talent is, of course, a must as well.

Also, a superstar presence and good looks certainly don't hurt!

The list of pro wrestlers who have made the jump from the ring to film is more extensive than you might think. One of the first major wrestling stars to become an actor was none other than the legendary El Santo from Mexico. El Santo starred in movies as himself, and in case you were wondering, no, he never removed his mask. El Santo made over thirty different films such as El Santo vs. the Vampire.

Many fans know of Hulk Hogan's less than illustrious film career, and Rowdy Roddy Piper actually starred in many more films--and Hot Rod's movies were greeted with more critical acclaim to boot, such as the cult classic They Live by John Carpenter.

Dave Bautista is well known from Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Rock is a mainstream movie star with dozens of films to his credit.

But what about other wrestling stars? Surely some of them would be able to make the transition as well. Here are ten wrestling superstars who would make great movie actors.

Potential Movie Star #1: Drew McIntyre.

Drew McIntyre
Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre cut his teeth on the British and independent scenes in 2001, but it was his debut with the WWE in 2007 which made him recognizable to wrestling fans.

In a very rare instance--indeed, the ONLY time it has ever happened--Vince McMahon himself stood in the ring with Drew McIntyre and proclaimed the towering Scot would one day be WWE World Champion (this happened before the Universal and WWE Championship had been created).


Drew had some impressive wins over veteran talent like Matt Hardy, but then seemed to fizzle out. He would join the comedy trio 3MB before being released by the company.

However, instead of becoming bitter, Drew saw his firing as a challenge. He rededicated himself to pro wrestling and carved out a name for himself on the indie scene and in TNA. Drew was welcomed back to the WWE and became NXT champion in rapid succession. Now on the main roster, he appears on the cusp of finally making it to the main event scene.

Why he would be a good actor: First and foremost, Drew's massive build would make him ideal for a Terminator or Conan the Barbarian type role. He also has impressive charisma, and is handsome enough for women to swoon over.

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