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Sportskeeda has a transparent and uncomplicated policy with respect to press releases that brands or agencies wish to get published. If you have something sports-related to say to the world, we would be happy to help you publish the message.

The Sportskeeda policy on press releases can be summarized in the following points:

1) Any press release can be submitted to Sportskeeda free of cost.

2) Sportskeeda will publish a PR article if it fulfills the following 3 conditions:

a. It is well-written;

b. It is not overtly self-promotional;

c. It does not have references to explicit material, gambling, etc.

3) The power to decide whether an article fulfills the 3 conditions mentioned above lies completely with Sportskeeda’s editors. No discussion in this regard will be entertained.

4) Sportskeeda is a do-it-yourself platform. If a brand or agency wishes for a PR to be published, they would have to create a login ID themselves and submit the content for review.

5) Sportskeeda reserves the right to alter every press release in order to make it compatible with the company’s editorial policy. The decision of the editors in this respect will be final.

6) Sportskeeda reserves the right to remove any links in a press release. We do not provide do-follow links to anyone, whether paid or unpaid. 

7) Publishing of a press release is free, but promotion of the same is not. Sportskeeda does NOT guarantee

a. Number of reads on the article;

b. That the article will be displayed on Sportskeeda’s homepage;

c. That the article will be promoted on Sportskeeda’s social media channels.

(For any of the above please contact Sportskeeda’s sales team by writing to

8) The article should not in any way suggest that Sportskeeda endorses the subject matter mentioned therein, or that there is any kind of partnership between Sportskeeda and the brand/agency that authored the article. Sportskeeda takes no responsibility for the authorship of the article, and remains wholly independent of the brand’s message.