5 Better Ways to use Your Inventory in Minecraft


Most players are unaware that if they hover their cursor over an item in their inventory and hit the keys 1-9, the selected item will transfer to their hotbar in the number they choose. The numbers 1-9 correlate with the slots in the hotbar. This shortcut can be extremely useful if the player is in a dangerous situation and needs a specific item in-hand quickly.


Hotbar  Number Shortcut


Only available in Creative mode, the Saved Hotbars tab allows the player to save their hotbar to a save-state which can be uploaded to their inventory.  The player's current hotbar can be saved by pressing C and numbers 1-9 at the same time. Each number correlates with a different save-state which can be uploaded by pressing X and 1-9.


Saved Hotbars


The Recipe Book is an amazing tool that will certainly spare the player of hours of arduous crafting. This book allows the player to view every recipe that they have unlocked throughout their journey. The recipe book also puts all of the items in the crafting table for the player, so they wouldn't have to waste time dragging all the items.


Recipe Book


While hotbar optimization is highly subjective, there are good and bad ways to do it. It is usually beneficial to have the most important items in the front.  Some have it completely opposite to the strategy above, and that's fine too! As long as players make sure that they have the important items easily accessible in the hotbar, they will be prepared for any unexpected events.


Hotbar  Optimization


Split a stack: To split a stack of items, right-click on the stack. Singular items: To place singular items from a stack, grab the stack and right-click it on an empty slot. Quick drop: To quickly drop an item in the inventory, press the drop button while hovering over the selected item. Quick Stack: Double-clicking an item causes all of the same items in the inventory to be grabbed


Basic  Shortcuts