5 iconic GTA Vice City locations that fans still remember


New players in GTA Vice City are bound to make mistakes. Eventually, they will get Wasted, and they will respawn in the closest hospital. Given that the Ocean View Hospital is the first hospital players can see in-game, it's hard not to remember it while playing the game.


Ocean View Hospital


Apartment 3c isn't an important location for players to visit at all. However, it hosts one of GTA Vice City's most well-known references to Scarface with its bloody bathroom and Chainsaw spawn location. It's never made obvious to GTA Vice City players that they can enter this location, as there is no marker on the minimap or anything else that stands out about it.


Apartment 3c


GTA 3 didn't have interiors for players to enter, but GTA Vice City did introduce some notable ones. One example is the Malibu Club, which personifies the 80s aesthetic so many GTA fans associate with the game. Besides being a nightclub the players can visit, it's also a property that Tommy Vercetti can own.


Malibu Club


The first safehouse a player has access to is usually one of the most memorable places in the game. Like the Malibu Club, Tommy's suite in the Ocean View Hotel was enterable, with most players remembering the two catchy songs from Radio Espantoso playing here.


Ocean View Hotel


The Vercetti Estate is one of the largest homes in the Grand Theft Auto series, and it is unquestionably the largest home in GTA Vice City. As users might expect, there is a lot of useful stuff associated with this location.


Vercetti Estate