5 most underappreciated vehicles in GTA Online


While the Massacro won't be breaking any speed limits anytime soon, it makes for a fairly decent ride and deserves a lot more hype than it gets from the community. Moreover, this vehicle, unlike most assets featured in GTA Online, doesn't cost a sizable fortune.


The Massacro


In the looks department, the Vapir FMG doesn't have a lot of contenders in GTA Online. While it may not be absolutely unbeatable in terms of performance, it's still one of the better cars in GTA Online and one that, like many good vehicles, doesn't get its fair share of appreciation.


Vapid FMJ


Like many underrated cars from its class, the Alpha is not supremely popular, but it's definitely one of the better vehicles in GTA Online. It comes equipped with a number of cool features and has quick acceleration and butter-smooth handling. Sure, it's no Scramjet, but it's still one heck of a car. GTA Online is nothing if not diverse.


Albany Alpha


Grotti cars are normally super popular in GTA Online, but the Turismo apparently doesn't seem to meet the bar raised by its predecessors and contemporaries. While it may not be as good as some of the more hyped Grotti vehicles, it definitely makes for a good addition to the player's garage. The Turismo R features great handling, impressive acceleration, and decent traction.


Grotti Turismo R


The most underrated vehicle in GTA Online is the one that shouldn't even need an introduction. As an off-road vehicle, the Tropos Rallye is an absolute pro at maneuvering the chaos of off-road conditions and taking its fair share of bumps and knocks with grace. If there's one underrated vehicle in GTA Online that players need to give a shot to, it's the criminally unappreciated Rallye.


Tropos Rallye