5 Things You Didn't Know About Diamonds in Minecraft 


Some players may be unaware that if they give a Diamond to a mob or other players, they will receive an achievement! The Diamonds to You! achievement is completed by having a mob or gamer pick up a Diamond that the player has dropped. This achievement is much more difficult if players are playing alone, as mobs don't always pick up the Diamond on the first try!


Diamonds to You!


Players unfamiliar with the Nether update may not know that Diamonds are needed to craft Netherite gear. When putting a Diamond tool or armor with a Netherite ingot in a Smithing Table, they can upgrade the Diamond gear to Netherite. This upgrade will also keep any enchantments on the new gear.




Many players may not know that multiple Diamond veins can be connected. This extremely rare phenomenon can result in a vein with more than ten Diamonds. With the Fortune III enchantment, a singular mega vein can give players 40 or more Diamonds!


Connected  Ore veins


Some Minecraft players may not know that, on average, there are 3.4 Diamonds per chunk. The really unlucky players would love that 0.7 of a Diamond! While this is obviously a statistic that has data to back it, it seems that most players will dig every block in a chunk besides the ones touching Diamonds!


Ore chunk  stats


Some players may not know that buried treasure hunting is a highly efficient technique to find Diamonds. If they are not fans of arduous strip mining or cave spelunking, they can always consider buried treasure hunting. By finding explorer maps in shipwrecks and underwater ruins, players can get the location of buried treasure.


Buried  Treasure