Different ways to use rotten flesh in Minecraft



Many players love getting achievements in Minecraft. After beating the ender dragon, completing achievements or advancements is the next big task. Players can get the "Iron Belly Achievement" by eating rotten flesh while having zero hunger points.

Iron Belly  Achievement



Like the iron belly achievement, players also need rotten flesh to complete "A Balanced Diet Advancement." To finish this advancement, players have to eat everything edible, even if it's not good for them. Rotten Flesh is one of 40 different food items that players have to eat to complete this advancement.

A balanced diet achievement



Rotten Flesh is not a complete waste in Minecraft. They are a good food source for loyal wolves in Minecraft. Players can feed rotten flesh to wolves and heal them. It can also be used to breed wolves. Players don't need to worry about hunger as wolves are unaffected by hunger.

Feed to wolves



Rotten Flesh can serve as a decent food source in the early stages of the game. Eating one rotten flesh restores four hunger points. The only downside is that the hunger effect lasts for 30 seconds. Hunger does not lower hunger points unless the player jumps or moves. By staying still at a place, players can recover their health and hunger.



Food source

Some players may not know that rotten flesh is tradable in Minecraft. Novice level Cleric Villagers buy 32 rotten flesh for one emerald. By trading, players can turn their huge pile of rotten flesh into emeralds. Players can make this trade up to 16 times before it gets locked.