The best landing spots in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7


The ruined town bridge here is located just off the center of the Fortnite map. This location makes it a safe place to land when considering how far one might need to travel to get inside the first Storm Circle. There is also plenty of chest and loot spawns, making this a good place to find weapons.


Bridge Shanty Town


Slurpy Swamp is the best place to quickly acquire a full shield. Players can take a dip in the water and raise their shield levels or break the canisters that are around every corner. This is a big location too, so there's plenty of loot for everyone. It's also fairly popular, so the action starts right away. It's not close to the center of the map, making it a risk for players trying to stay inside the Storm Circle.


Slurpy Swamp


One of the only remaining Fortnite Chapter 1 locations, Pleasant Park has stood the test of time. It's immensely popular and has a house for nearly every player or team that wants to land there. There's plenty of loot to go around and there is always immediate action. This isn't great for players who want to avoid battle, but it has really good loot and is close enough to the middle that the first Storm Circle will likely not be too far away.


Pleasant Park


The Imagined Order has created some really good weapons - the Rail Gun, the Recon Scanner and the Pulse Rifle. These weapons are arguably some of the best in the game. They can be found anywhere in Fortnite, but the IO Outposts have a much higher chance of containing them.


IO Outposts


The center of the Fortnite island has been replaced with a giant alien crater. This crater has alien loot and aliens themselves, so it's a wildly popular location. Its location in the dead center of the map makes it a great spot to be within the first Storm Circle. And if things get hairy, which is likely, Bony Burbs, Weeping Woods, and Corny Complex are all within shouting distance.


The Crater