Tips for beginners to kill ender dragon in Minecraft



Killing the dragon with only a bow and arrow is tedious and takes a really long time. So it's recommended that the player attacks her when she lands in the center. Although a sword will work, using an axe at the dragon's head underneath it will cause the most damage to the boss.

Use axe instead  of sword



Players can build simple mechanics with redstone, such as lamps and automatic doors. Many players also go as far as making a fully functional calculator in the game. Some players have even made entire mini-games using only command blocks and redstone.

Use carved  pumpkin



Considering Minecraft's Ender Dragon enjoys flinging the player in the air every moment, having a water bucket in the player's hotbar is essential for surviving large falls. Learning how to MLG a water bucket before entering the end is also incredibly useful, even if players have feather falling boots

Keepwater  bucket ready



Although taking a bow may seem like an obvious choice when battling a flying creature in Minecraft, the suggested bow and arrow isn't meant for attacking the dragon herself. Instead, use the bow and arrow to destroy each of the end crystals found atop the obsidian towers.

Have bow and  arrows ready



In Minecraft, beds only work in the overworld, and explode if a player attempts to use them in the End of the Nether. Placing and operating a mattress on the obsidian barrier or underneath the Ender Dragon when she is perched in the island's center is one of the most damaging attacks against the dragon.

Use beds for explosion