Top 5 Addons for Minecraft Pocket Edition 


Mutant Creatures is among the most famous Minecraft Java mods. Fortunately, the same mod is available as an add-on for Pocket Edition.  In this add-on, players can find the mutant versions of common mobs like zombies, husks, creepers, and more


Mutant  Creatures


Think villagers are too dumb and plain? Try Villagers Come Alive add-on for Minecraft Pocket Edition.  This add-on turns genderless villagers into males and females. They look more like actual players and can hold weapons.


Villagers  Come Alive


TNTs are one of the fan-favourite blocks in Minecraft. Who doesn't love blowing things up? More TNT add-ons introduce eight new types of TNTs. Some of these TNTs are similar to regular TNT but with extra effects, while others are straight game-breaking. Can a Minecraft world survive all these TNTs?


More TNT


Is it a death trap or rain of diamonds? The Lucky Block add-on adds a lot of uncertainty to Minecraft. With this add-on, lucky blocks will generate randomly around the world. Mining a lucky block can either be unlucky or lucky. Players may have to face the wither boss out of nowhere or get some free diamonds.


Lucky Block


Mob Towers is a battle towers add-on that generates different types of towers all over the world. On top of the tower, players will encounter a formidable foe, the tower golem. RLCraft players may already have experienced tower battles. This add-on has eight different types of towers. Defeating the tower golem will reward players with valuable resources, such as diamonds.


Mob  Towers