Top 5 best villains from the GTA series


While the old goon isn't exactly a gentleman doped in shades, no one can deny that he is by far one of the best villains from the GTA series. As a character, Devin Weston, though undeniably detestable, is very real. Under the facade of a self-proclaimed philanthropist, Devin Weston rules the underworld by exploiting the people of third-world countries.


Devin Weston – GTA 5


It's impossible to talk about the villains featured in the GTA series without rambling about Sonny Forelli – the guy who made Tommy Vercetti's life a literal hell. Not only is Forelli barbaric in his ways, but he is also extremely cynical and never truly trusts anybody. His maniacal outbursts and chilling threats make for some of the most gripping scenes in GTA Vice City.


Sonny Forelli – GTA Vice City


Another ruthless villain who gives purpose to the featured protagonist, Niko Bellic, and never fails to piss the player off. The interesting thing about Draco is that he shares a history with Niko, as both of them had a career in the Soviet Army before they turned into Russian mobsters.


Draco Brevic – GTA 4


Sure, Tenpenny and his trademark jabs make players want to reach through the screen and choke him to death right then and there. He is the most loathed person in the GTA series if there ever was one, but no one can deny that he does a pretty good job of coming across as the kind of villain he was supposed to be all along.


Frank Tenpenny – GTA San Andreas


And, of course, one cannot talk about the best GTA villains of all time without raving about the back-stabbing heartbreaker who left fans paralyzed in disbelief for days. Big Smoke is not only the best villain from the GTA series. He is also one of the best characters from the entire series.


Big Smoke – GTA San Andreas