Top 5 poorest NBA team owners as per their reported net worth in 2022

- Arhaan Raje

The NBA's ownership group is stacked with some of the best business minds.

However, there's a significant disparity between the net worths of all 30 team owners.

Here's a look at Top 5 poorest NBA team owners as per their current net worth

Peter Holt - $200M

The owner of one of the most successful NBA team's of the 20th century, the Spurs, finds himself ranked as the poorest NBA owner He is the former CEO of HoltCat.

Clay Bennett - $400M

Thunder owner Bennett ranks third. His major involvement outside of owning the team is limited leading to him ranking among the bottom five among ownership group net worth list.

Wyc Grousbeck - $400M

Celtics' majority owner is another surprise addition on the list considering the team's rich history. Grousbeck has two other companies he looks after besides running the C's/

Jeanie Buss - $500M

Despite owning the NBA's most popular and successful team, Lakers, Buss finds herself in the bottom 5 of the NBA ownership individual net worth list.

Vivek Ranadive - $700M

Ranadive's tenure with Kings hasn't been successful. The team's playoff drought extended by 8 years under his rein, which contributed to his net worth being on the lower side.

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