Top 5 things to do on first day of Minecraft survival



Armor is necessary to survive in Minecraft. Without it, players will take more damage when attacked and have a greater risk of dying early. There are a few types of armor that can be obtained on the first day rather easily: leather, gold and iron. Iron is ideal, but finding the iron to make the armor is really hit or miss.

Craft armor



Lots of new players make their bases out of dirt because it's easily obtainable. But, after mining, creating a cobblestone base is a good option. Lots of players do skip creating a base on the first night, and instead mine the night away.

Create a  reliable base



Mining for resources may take a lot of time, but it is worth it in the end. At the very least, on day one of a survival world, players should obtain as much dirt and stone as possible, to make a decent base. However, finding materials such as coal and iron is also ideal, as players are able to start crafting armor from the iron ore.

Mine for  resources



Making tools is essential to Minecraft. When players obtain wood and make a crafting bench, they can create sticks, which are used to create tools. Players crafting wooden tools have the ability to mine stone, which can then be used to craft things such as furnaces and stone tools.

Make Tools



Without wood, players cannot do anything else. When players spawn, the likelihood of finding trees is very high. When mining the wood, players obtain a singular piece. However, when the piece is placed in the players inventory square, it will turn into 4 wood planks. From here, players can craft tools.

Collect Wood