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Twitter Reaction: Maria Sharapova doesn?t know who Sachin Tendulkar is

“Never hurt the ego of an Indian common man, or he will destroy you.” These are one of the several dialogues you would come across when you are watching a stereotypical Indian movie, and that has been the scenario all over social media with Indian fans blasting Russian professional tennis player Maria Sharapova after she had claimed of never hearing about Sachin Tendulkar, a cricket great whose records are unmatched.  However, given her upbringing, this shouldn’t really come as a big shock; Sharapova was born in Russia, and has been a United States resident since 1994, and cricket doesn’t really exist in either of these two nations.  We have chopped down ten tweets, and not all of them are targetted towards the tennis star:

For a change, this one made me chuckle

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Give this educated fellow a cookie

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Gutted that the real Ravindra Jadeja didn’t tweet this

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Does Sharapova know Shahrukh Khan? The nation wants to know

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Sharapova could might as well get a ‘I don’t know Sachin’ tattoo

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Summarsing it in 140 characters

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Photoshop Level: @amit_smiling

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