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Writing for Sportskeeda

Have you always dreamed of getting your work published, without having any idea how to go about it? Sportskeeda provides the perfect platform to fulfill that dream.

One of the fastest-growing sports websites across the globe, Sportskeeda has a select team of proficient writers who religiously contribute their high quality articles to the site.

Moreover, our visitor count adds up to nearly 900,000 everyday and about 25 million every month. We don’t mean to boast, but getting exposure to those kind of readership numbers would not just kick-start your literary/journalistic aspirations, but would also take your writing career to heights that you always imagined, but never thought possible.

Here are the different ways you can write for us.


You can join our team of contributors by posting your original articles written specifically for this site. All you need to do is register with us and submit your article, and our editorial/publishing team will do the rest.

If you’re concerned about the number of hits your article will receive, you need to stop doing that. Being concerned, that is. We have many different ways of sharing your article with the whole world through a number of media channels, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the high number of hits your writing garners.

It would probably be a good idea to acquaint yourself with the detailed Sportskeeda content guidelines before you start. You can also earn fancy new titles for yourself by climbing up the Writer Hierarchy!


You know you have the talent to be a successful writer, but there’s something missing in your writing. A little refinement and polish? A touch of professionalism? The ability to sustain the attention of the reader? Sportskeeda’s comprehensive internship program can help you add all those facets to your writing, and more.

As part of this program, every intern writes a series of articles on the site which are used to monitor his or her progress. We have a system through which there is constant interaction between interns and our experienced editorial team so that the interns receive precise feedback and guidance on how to improve their writing.

For more information on how to join our internship program, please click here.

The Sportskeeda Advantage

"What’s in it for me?"

We don’t blame you for asking this question, because, let’s be honest, we’re not running a charity organization here. So what exactly does a writer writing on our site stand to gain? In true sports-fan fashion, we’ll give our answer to that question in a detailed, analytical manner. Would you have it any other way?

The advantages of writing for Sportskeeda:

1. You have a place to speak your mind

When you watched Dhoni lift the 2011 World Cup, did you feel like penning an emotional, heartfelt eulogy to the Men in Blue? When Brazil lost 7-1 to Germany, did you feel like launching a scathing verbal tirade on the seleção? At Sportskeeda you can do all that and more. You can speak your mind to your heart’s content, and no one can stop you.

Put your feelings into words. We’ll make sure the world hears them.

2. You get exposure to an enormous audience

All aspiring writers crave for an attentive set of eyes to read their wonderfully written articles. At Sportskeeda, you will get millions of attentive eyes. Yes, you read that right. We get nearly 15 million visitors every month, so you’ll never be short of an audience. By writing here you can reach out to an incredibly large reader base, and that’s a good thing whichever way you look at it.

3. You get published on 'Yahoo!' and other content partners

Sportskeeda has relationships with several global print and online media houses (such as Yahoo!, Playup, etc.) which re-publish the site's best articles on their platforms with appropriate credits. So if your article is published on Sportskeeda, there is a chance it could get published by these media houses, thus bringing widespread recognition to your writing.

4. You get to develop your literary/journalistic career

Getting published is one thing. Getting published in an arena teeming with experienced journalists, editors and eminent sports personalities is quite another. By writing at Sportskeeda, you can give that much-needed boost to your writing aspirations.

Out here, you can interact extensively with our experienced editorial team to iron out any minor chinks in your writing. You can receive feedback for your articles from the journalists and famous sports personalities who regularly visit the site. You can interview your favourite athletes and learn how to extract the emotions concealed so carefully by celebrities. And most importantly, you can analyze your readers’ reactions and get to know exactly what the average sports fan looks for in a sports article.

5. You associate yourself with a clean, piracy-free environment

It's always nice to be able to brag about your territory without worrying about the image projected by it, right? Sportskeeda constantly strives to make sure that every single aspect of the site is clean and above-board. We take our sports seriously, so you're not likely to find anything cringe-worthy or embarrassing ever being published on the site. And we cannot stress this enough, but there's absolutely no room for plagiarism or piracy of any kind at Sportskeeda.

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards plagiarism, so any offender caught in the act even once is permanently shown the door in a no-nonsense, drama-free manner. So go on, announce your association with Sportskeeda to the whole world. There won't be any backlash there - we can guarantee that.

6. You can become famous

Sports fans are a passionate lot, and they are also a devoted lot. Is it that difficult to imagine that if they like your writing style, they’ll keep coming back for more, maybe even becoming your ‘fans’? Sports writers have been known to become legends in their own right. We don’t mean to make you nervous, but writing at Sportskeeda might just be your ticket to fame and stardom.

7. You get rewards and monetary bonuses

There are prizes to be won every week at Sportskeeda, with the revival of the popular 'Writer of the Month' contest. There are also yearly writer awards and designations to work towards, and that's not to forget the reads-based monetary bonus scheme that every single writer is eligible for! The rewards of writing for Sportskeeda are tangible and exciting; we don't bluff about stuff like this.

8. You have FUN!!!

The importance of fun can never be understated, and at Sportskeeda we strictly believe that the best way to manage one’s time is to have a good time. Writing about something that you love – sports – can give you such a deep sense of enjoyment and satisfaction that it can make you forget all your other commitments. But don’t take our word for that. Try it out for yourself, and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Some tips that can help you be a better writer

1. Reason: Why do you write? Is it because you want to make your mark as a writer? Is it because you are passionate about your work? Or is it just because you have something to share? Determine your reason for writing. Knowing why you want to write is always the first step in becoming a great writer.

2. Style: Have a style of your own. Don't try to ape another writer, because no one likes to read articles by someone who is merely a cheap imitation of someone else. Moreover, there are certain do's and dont's about the required format of a Sportskeeda article, which you can read in detail here.

3. Clarity:  Have a clear idea about what you are writing. Be precise. Stick to the subject of the article and provide examples if and when needed. Don't be ambiguous with your points - nobody likes to read an article which has no point to it.

4. Be unique: Write on something many haven't written about already. That way, the chances that a reader will spend more time on your article will be greater.

5. Be vivid: It's the age of short attention spans, so make sure your article is as vivid and as easy to read as possible. Use headings and sub-headings liberally. Throw in bullet points, tables and graphics wherever possible. Nobody likes to look at large, unbroken stretches of text, and it's your job to give the readers something that they are comfortable with.

6. Connect: Connect with the readers. Frame your article in such a way that they can relate to it. What would you have liked to read about if you were on the other side? Always question whether your article would be worth a second glance if a person stumbled upon it on the internet. Keep your language simple, write short sentences, and avoid using too many technical terms if you want an average fan to understand you. Of course, you can write for the elite population every once in a while - that could help enhance your reputation as a writer. The most successful writers are those that can strike a fine balance between the two methods.

7. Structure: Always remember to structure your article well. Have a definitive flow and direction to your article. Good grammar and a solid grasp of language will greatly help you in this area. Don't write lengthy paragraphs, split them into smaller ones. Use pictures and videos to support your facts and opinions wherever necessary. Not many would want to read a poorly structured article.

8. Socialize and Discuss:  Build up contacts over the internet who would like to read your work. A strong network of readers is often the difference between success and mediocrity in this line of work. Ask your friends to help out initially, and build a fan base gradually.

9. Network: Use your accounts on social networking sites generously. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, Digg, LinkedIn are all good sites to gather readers for your articles. Create a Reddit account if you don't have one already, like the Sportskeeda Facebook page and follow the Sportskeeda Twitter handle, post your articles on Reddit as well as your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and request your friends to share them.

10. Effort: Finally, it would do a lot of good to realize that you can only be as good as you want to be. If your initial articles don't garner many hits, don't be disheartened. Remember that with enough effort, you can always write better. Wars are not fought in a day, legends are not made overnight. Always remember that the sky is not the limit, it is just the beginning.