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4 Major storyline developments you need to know from WWE RAW (4th November, 2019)

Daniel Wood
05 Nov 2019, 17:11 IST

Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar, and NXT all make an impact on this week
Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar, and NXT all make an impact on this week's RAW

This week's WWE RAW came with a lot of baggage before a single minute of the episode had even aired. The confusion surrounding the plane delay in Saudi Arabia following Crown Jewel was hanging over everything but on the other hand, the excitement of SmackDown's NXT invasion and the promise of the same thing happening on RAW was a scintillating one.

But the spectre of a potential fallout among talent following the Saudi Arabia delay wasn't really felt and sure enough, Triple H rolled into Monday Night RAW with a convoy of SUV's and NXT once again made their presence felt heading into Survivor Series. This, of course, all follows the Black and Gold brand being recently announced as taking part in the brand supremacy Pay-Per-View for the first time.

But if you haven't had a chance to see what happened next on Monday Night RAW, or what else took place over the course of the three hours outside of the NXT shenanigans then don't worry! I'm here to bring you all of the information you need to know going forward into this week's NXT on USA on Wednesday, and Friday's SmackDown on FOX.

So, here are the major storyline developments you need to know from WWE RAW (4th November, 2019)

#4. Brock Lesnar is now on Monday Night RAW and things aren't over between him and Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio attacks a furious Brock Lesnar
Rey Mysterio attacks a furious Brock Lesnar

Monday Night RAW opened with Paul Heyman saying that Lesnar can be on whatever brand he wants and he's now on RAW. We then saw Brock Lesnar backstage angrily looking for Rey Mysterio, with 'The Beast Incarnate' demolishing anyone who was unfortunate enough to get in his way and not know where the Luchador was, flanked, as ever, by his advocate Paul Heyman.

Lesnar and Heyman's search for Rey Mysterio led them to the WWE announce table where Brock Lesnar would threaten Jerry 'The King' Lawler until RAW's own commentary member Dio Maddin would stand up and get in Lesnar's face. This was a big mistake as he was promptly F-5'ed through the announce table.


However, this momentary loss of focus from Lesnar enabled Mysterio to blindside Lesnar with a steel baseball bat with 'The Master of the 619' completely demolishing Brock Lesnar with the weapon. The masked wrestler then cut a promo backstage telling Lesnar that he was going to take the thing he loves the most - the WWE Title.

It then didn't take long for WWE to make the match official. At Survivor Series we're not getting a champion vs. champion vs. champion match. No, we're getting the continuation of this feud between Lesnar and Mysterio as the two will do battle over the WWE Title.

There are lots of potential wild-cards for this match now, both Dominick and Cain Velasquez could factor into the title match, and then there's Dio Maddin and what he'll decide to do about Lesnar assaulting him, if anything. I like that they've gone in this direction instead of doing the usual Survivor Series schtick!

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