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4 problems only WWE fans will understand

Sean Anderman
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It's True, it's damn true

Fans of something specific will spend most of their time on the said thing. Groups are always like that. An outside source that doesn't understand whatever it is will upset fans of the sport of show etc. That said, fans of pro wrestling never agree on whatever the argument is about and we can all relate to it.

We understand it while others don't. This article is related to things only fans of wrestling will get or find funny etc. So, here are 4 things only WWE fans will understand.

#1 Too Much Content

Sometimes less is better!

Since the launch of the WWE Network, the company has put more content on our screens. I know it seems weird to complain about having a lot of wrestling, but it can be too much sometimes. RAW, SmackDown, 205 Live, NXT and even PPV's, WWE had a lot of content.

With documentaries and WWE's ''Reality'' shows, WWE has enough content to hold us over. So, bringing more shows and making the weekly/monthly PPV's even longer is too much. It's rumored that since the PPV's are now co-branded, that the shows will be even longer. Stop it WWE. What happened to the 2-hour episodes of your weekly product. What happened to PPV's that didn't have 2-hour pre-shows, plus the 3-4 hour PPV following it. Calm down.

WWE weekly show isn't like Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead in that we have to remember what happened last week to continue this week. WWE content blends together so much now that it isn't worth remembering.

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