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5 Botches, slip ups, and outrageous moments from WWE Raw February 6th, 2017

Was that fruit in Austin Aries' pocket or was he just happy to see us?

Monday Night Raw was a much heralded night thanks to the debut of the Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe. He held his own in the opening promo and was given quite the showcase to shine in the main event of the night. WWE handled this night very well for Joe.

Along with Samoa Joe, there were plenty of events to come out of the night to talk about and many of them were a little more strange than anything. Akira Tozawa was repeatedly praised as having impressive stamina in the second shortest match of the night, Roman Reigns briefly remembered that he wore a chest protector, and Austin Aries demonstrated what real fashion is.

There were plenty of outrageous and botchy moments from this Monday night, so let’s get to them...

5. A stamina monster

There’s no real botch here on the part of Akira Tozawa or Drew Gulak, so they’re safe from criticism. For Tozawa’s debut to the current Cruiserweight Division, this match was everything it needed to be. It didn’t drag out, he got a fair amount of crowd support with his screaming, and he showcased his impressive arsenal. The problem here lies with the commentary team, who repeatedly referred to him as a “Stamina Monster.”

The total match time was 3:40.

It’s a little baffling why they chose to accent his stamina in a contest that was so short, but we did hear about it several times. Once again, Tozawa looked great here, but a showcase of stamina was most definitely not seen.

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