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5 most hated WWE Wrestlers today 

Sagnik Monga
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30.89K   //    17 Jun 2018, 08:16 IST

Two of the most hated wrestlers today
Two of the most hated wrestlers today

For every here, there's a villain. A plethora of wrestlers have come and gone, but not everyone could have an impact on the WWE Universe's minds. Whether it be a babyface or a heel, they generate specific reactions from the crowd.

Wrestlers like Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles have always been at the cheering end of the fans. The crowd loves them, and they become instant fan favourites.

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On the other hand, performers like Edge and Rick Rude carved their journeys as supremely egotistical and obnoxious wrestlers who generated lots of boos from the fans.

Over the years, the dynamics of a "heel" have changed a lot, but a few wrestlers have perfected the art of portraying a particular image that draws bona fide heat from the WWE Universe.

Here are the five most hated wrestlers in WWE today.

#5 Carmella


Carmella is not the talented woman wrestler in WWE at present. But she makes up for it with her arrogance, trash talking, and egoistic attitude. Her mic work is second to none, and there's barely anyone else who can stand up to her in the gift of gab.

Ever since she cashed-in her MITB briefcase and won the SmackDown Women's Tile from Charlotte Flair, she has established herself as a top heel which has brought out a fresh side of her gimmick and provided a push in her career.

Carmella has been on the radar of many critics, but her heel work has got her organic heat from the fans, and you don't get to witness that very often.

From insulting fans in the crowd to bragging about herself and doing guest commentary spots, Carmella had a turnaround with her gimmick and fits with her snooty, "fabulous" persona.

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