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5 of the most hated WWE wrestlers backstage

These wrestlers might be great in the ring, but backstage they catch plenty of heat from their colleagues

Top 5 / Top 10 05 Oct 2016, 19:29 IST
Randy Orton is one of those wrestlers who has drawn heat backstage for years

Professional wrestling is just like every other business. There are employees everyone gets along with and then there are some that everyone avoids because of drama or too many complaints or selfishness one shows when they are only looking out for themselves.

Since WWE is a business based on performance and fan reaction, the need to be the best every night can create a bit of tension between superstars. That tension could become habit forming and bad blood can subsequently spill into the ring.

Over the years WWE and other wrestling promotions have built a work environment of favouritism and selfishness. It’s impossible to avoid. Champions are chosen due to the “fake” nature of the business. Wrestlers – both male and female – wait for their chance to grab the golden nugget.

And those who win championships and remain at the top of the food chain have a hard time giving up their position, for fear they might not make it back to the apex of the mountain. While selfishness and hatred have been a common theme for decades, these five wrestlers stand out as some of the most selfish performers backstage.

The Miz

The Miz has taken heat over several issues in WWE’s locker room

I can see how easy it would be to dislike the guy who was a reality television star before he became a champion in this business. Good looks, a solid performance on the mic and a sizzling hot wife on his arm. Those are his good qualities.

Mike Mizanin has rubbed a few people wrong backstage in his tenure with WWE. Alberto Del Rio for one had been outspoken about how he “hated” the current Intercontinental Champion. While the work of Smackdown Live’s No. 2 guy is some of his best work, he still has that attitude that gets under everyone’s skin – most notably Daniel Bryan in recent past.

Jim Cornette said at one point Mizanin was using his time in WWE to gain exposure for a future in the big screen.

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