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5 reasons why Samoa Joe's babyface turn is a ploy

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Joe checks on Reigns
Joe checks on Reigns

It seems like Roman Reigns just can't catch a break. The Big Dog was attacked by someone on a recent episode of SmackDown Live. A structure fell on an unsuspecting Reigns as he was approaching Kayla Braxton for an interview. As the backstage staff urged Reigns to let them tend to him, he said that he is fine and left the spot.

Tonight on Monday Night Raw, Reigns again found himself on the receiving end of an unfortunate incident. As Samoa Joe stormed off towards the parking lot to confront Reigns, The Big Dog was seen stepping out of a vehicle.

Suddenly, a car appeared out of nowhere and rammed into Reigns' SUV. Fortunately, Reigns jumped back into the car just in time. Joe was seen checking on Reigns, hinting at a babyface turn. But is this as simple as it looks on the screen?

Here are 5 arguments for why Samoa Joe is faking his babyface turn and this is all part of a big ruse.

#5 Joe is a natural heel

Joe squashes Mysterio
Joe squashes Mysterio

This storyline isn't as simple as it is being presented by WWE. Samoa Joe is one of the biggest heels on the WWE roster at the moment. This is the same guy who squashed Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania 35 and was seen bullying his son in a backstage area.

Joe is someone who is a natural heel, and one just can't see him portray a babyface persona as better as a heel character.

Joe's sheer size, his intimidating presence, and his ability to unleash brutal beatdowns on his opponents is something he has made a career out of. The guy who was seen in the aftermath of the Reigns' incident isn't what Samoa Joe is supposed to be, which makes it less believable.

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