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5 reasons why WWE is right in denying superstars their release

Rohit Nath
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12 Nov 2019, 19:22 IST

Luke Harper is one superstar who asked for his release but was denied
Luke Harper is one superstar who asked for his release but was denied

Disclaimer: This article is the opinion of the writer and doesn't necessarily reflect the views of Sportskeeda

WWE is the pinnacle of sports entertainment and the professional wrestling juggernaut. For close to four decades now, they've been the undisputed kings of wrestling, with only small periods seeing them face actual competition.

However, with the rise of other promotions and many viable options outside of WWE for wrestlers to make money today, WWE superstars have begun to realize that they don't need the company to do what they love. Especially in cases where superstars are creatively frustrated, the first thought is for them to have an exit.

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There are options outside, but when you're a contracted superstar today and you request your release, there's a far higher chance of you being denied it than the company accepting it.

Just to get this out of the way - We don't agree with WWE not using talent at all when they deny them their release.

However, we do believe that from WWE's perspective, there is some justification as to why they shouldn't be granting release requests as easily as people would like. Here are a few reasons why the company is right.

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#5 They simply can't afford to lose talent all the time

The roster
The roster

The reality is that WWE needs its talent. Sure, it's a spinning wheel and some people might just be a cog in that wheel, but the talent makes up a very large chunk of those employed by the company.

Even if a superstar isn't a main eventer, the chances are that they're going to be of some use. The talent understands that there are roles for everyone and not every talent can be main event caliber. Either way, WWE is justified in denying a release when they know that they can't constantly afford to lose talent.

Talent will always come and go, but to let them slip through the cracks would be unwise.

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