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5 Worst debuts in WWE history

Fans have seen characters come and go in WWE throughout its history and not all started off on the right foot.

Bizarre doesn’t always make for a great debut

Fans have seen characters come and go in WWE throughout its history. For every superstar that generated legitimate heat, there were characters that were ridiculed because their character was unintentionally funny. It would be great if every wrestler that debuted was successful right off the bat, but sadly that isn't the case.

What is surprising to note is that there have been some wrestlers who have had Hall of Fame careers that came out of the blocks stumbling in their debut. Thankfully, an awful start doesn't suggest that the rest of their career is doomed. What it does suggest is they simply must work harder to turn things around.

These debuts didn't go over very well due to their presentation, not a deficiency on the part of the performer. The poor debut could be attributed to their character being beyond comprehension, or because a move was poorly executed causing their opposition to be injured.

These starting points were so poor that they are considered among the worst the company has ever produced. It would be ideal if we could immediately see how good performers such as Stone Cold Steve Austin are, but unfortunately, there are moments in their career where they wished they could turn back time.

Who exactly made our list, and what did we consider to be among the worst debuts ever in the company's history?

#5 Rocky Maivia

By his own admission, The Rock regrets this look

Dwayne Johnson himself has been more than willing to criticise his look at the time, which included very poofy hair and faux-Polynesian tights. Needless to say, Rocky Maivia didn't go over very well. After a little bit of time, he put on quality matches that really showcased how athletic he was in the ring.

However, if there was something that appeared to be missing when it came to Maivia, it was personality. The high-fiving of fans and fist-pumping in the ring, the smiles and excited jumping on the way to the ring, went away with the 1980s and early 1990s.

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The era of the classic babyface was coming to an end. The character had very little edge or bite, and it became crucial to have him change, to better transition into the era that was to come in the WWE.

As Rocky Maivia, Johnson didn't show the personality that he has become synonymous with today. In all fairness to fans, all they can go on is what they are presented with. As fans know, The Rock certainly took all the hate that was directed towards Rocky Maivia and turned it into arguably the most popular character in the promotion's history.

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