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5 WWE couples with the biggest age difference

Wait, what?

Top 5 / Top 10 25 Apr 2017, 19:52 IST
The WWE’s power couple

 Meeting someone to spend the rest of your life with is a tricky task at the best of times, but when you’re an employee of World Wrestling Entertainment, it becomes that much more difficult. The reason for this is that given the hectic schedule you have to endure, it quickly becomes impossible to meet anyone outside of the industry and form a relationship with them.

This is one of the main reasons why so many wrestlers decide to date other wrestlers; it is also why an article like this has come into existence. For years and years now, Superstars in promotions all over the world have looked towards the comforts of someone in the same profession as themselves, and it’s not all too surprising when you think about it.

However, every so often you get a couple within this business that don’t seem to match up in terms of age gaps necessarily. Obviously, age shouldn’t be too much of a factor when it comes to love, but these guys and girls take things to a whole new level. But hey, they all seem to be pretty happy together, so that’s the most important thing – right?

With all that being said, here are five WWE couples with the biggest age difference.

#5 Lauren Hashian and The Rock – 12 years

The Rock and Lauren Hashian
The Rock and Lauren Hashian

The Rock has been in a relationship with the singer-songwriter Lauren Hashian for almost a decade. The two met on the sets of The Game Plan back in 2006. They kept their relationship a secret for a long time until December 2015 when the couple welcomed their first daughter, Jasmine and took the social media by storm. It was widely speculated that this affair led to Rock's divorce with his wife, Dany Garcia in 2007. However, they refrained from making any comments in the public. 

Both Rock and Hashian share an adorable bond. She is seen accompanying her beau during the premiere of his movies. Although the power couple graces the red carpet quite often, they prefer to maintain the privacy of their relationship. 

Well, the ‘Game Plan certainly worked out well for The Rock. 

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