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5 WWE Divas who posed for Playboy

These beautiful divas posed for Playboy in addition to their time in the ring for WWE

Many WWE Divas took it all off in front of the cameras for Playboy

Before WWE changed its ways to a PG-13 program, sex sold professional wrestling. Sultry women walked to the ring, showed off a little bit of skin and played the hilt to every man’s desires. While wrestlers like The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Randy Orton were becoming household names and part of mainstream entertainment, the women of WWE were becoming just as popular – if not more, while they took it off in front of the camera.

Oddly enough, while Vince McMahon devised ways to make wrestling sexy and seedy, Playboy was making these women look hot and tasteful at the same time. There are more than 10 women who have taken it all off outside the ring, but some weren’t as memorable as others. Admittedly, I have not seen all of them, as some aren’t as popular as others, but these women have proven they are beautiful with or without their clothes on. Here are five women who took it all off in front of Playboy photographers.

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