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5 WWE Superstars who nearly got fired (and why)

Ishaan Sharma
30 Oct 2019, 23:20 IST

These Superstars were nearly axed by Vince McMahon
These Superstars were nearly axed by Vince McMahon

WWE has a list of rules that each of their employees must follow. Whenever someone does anything against it, he or she becomes vulnerable to punishment. The higher ups of WWE are also known for being strict and, as a result, they have terminated multiple contracts in a matter of minutes.

Every year, WWE signs new Superstars and releases some of the older ones to avoid the clutter in their roster. In 2019, the company has signed the likes of Cain Velasquez and WALTER while, at the same time, have also let go wrestlers such as TJP, Goldust (Dustin Rhodes) and more. 

However, in some rare instances, the company has come close to letting go of a Superstar and then step back from his decision. Here are five such Superstars who once nearly lost their job in WWE, and the reasons why.

#5 Triple H

Vince McMahon was very upset with The Kliq
Vince McMahon was very upset with The Kliq

Triple H is one of the most well known Superstars to ever work for WWE. His incredible work both in-ring and backstage has benefitted WWE in many ways. However, just like the other four Superstars on this list, 'The Game', too, made a mistake at one point in his career which threatened his job in WWE.

One particular night at Madison Square Garden in 1996 is still remembered by fans - the night when Scott Hall, Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash (together known as The Kliq) broke kayfabe in front of thousands of fans. Back then, breaking character was punishable in WWE, but because Hall and Nash were leaving for WCW and Michaels was the World Champion, the future 'King of Kings' had to take the blame for everything. According to former WWE writer Jim Russo, the "Curtain Call" almost led to Triple H getting fired from the company.

"I mean, at the time, Bruce Prichard and Jim Cornette wanted Triple H fired. They wanted him fired. That’s how pissed off they were," - Jim Russo, 411 Mania."
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