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7 proposed new finishers for Roman Reigns

It's time for Reigns to stop doing that terrible Spear, and time for him to end his matches with something much more impressive...

This finisher isn’t as cool as you’d think it is, having been so overexposed

Roman Reigns is in desperate need of a new finishing manoeuvre. Ever since he started using the Spear as his primary finisher, his popularity has been on the decline.

It isn’t hard to see why: so many of WWE’s previous big stars have used the move as their finisher, to a point where the move has become completely overexposed. It also doesn’t help that when he does his ‘howl’ to set up the Spear, he gets an even louder chorus of boos.

It’s obvious that the Spear is no longer working as a finisher for Reigns. If he wants to win over more fans, he needs to give them what they want. And what fans want to see nowadays are moves that look more devastating and have a higher risk factor.

If you look at some of WWE’s other top superstars, each one of them uses/used a move with a much higher risk factor that adds an element of suspense into their matches. Seth Rollins used to do the Curb Stomp, which could legitimately concuss someone if done incorrectly.

A.J. Styles has his Styles Clash, which can cause serious neck injuries if taken incorrectly (just ask Yoshi Tatsu). Kevin Owens used to do a Package Piledriver during his indy days, but sometimes teases the move by doing the package lift and dropping his opponents into a side slam.

What each one of these moves does is two-fold. First, it adds that suspense to a match by further blurring the line between worked pain and realistic injury. Second, it gets both the move’s user over as someone who can pull off such a dangerous move perfectly, and it gets the recipient over as someone tough enough to take such a move.

But Reigns? He executes a boring Spear that has been seen non-stop in WWE since the dawn of the new millennium. This only adds to the many reasons why Reigns is viewed as inferior to many other wrestlers on the roster.

The funny thing is, Reigns can perform other, more interesting moves with a lot of success. Though his arsenal of moves right now is somewhat limited, he has added a few extra manoeuvres to it in recent months. Some of these moves are much cooler than his Spear, to a point where they should be considered to become his new primary finishing move.

Here are seven wrestling manoeuvres that Reigns should consider to replace the Spear as his finisher, including two moves that he uses already…

#1 The Niagara Driver

Reigns is a powerhouse wrestler, and there’s no move that screams ‘power’ more than the Powerbomb (it’s in the name, after all).

When Reigns was the guy that held the Shield’s opponents on his shoulders for their much-beloved Triple Powerbomb, it was an awesome sight to behold. It made all three guys look awesome, but it did wonders for Reigns more than anyone else.

Though he doesn’t use that move as often anymore, he does use another Powerbomb variation that’s just as awesome, the Niagara Driver. Based somewhat on the same move made famous in Japan, the Niagara Driver is the combination of a Crucifix Powerbomb with the Splash Mountain.

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With this move, Reigns holds his opponents over his head by their armpits and then drops down into a Sitout Powerbomb. When Reigns does this move, he gets a much better reaction than when he uses the Spear.

This move has that risk factor that fans look for, as the poor soul taking this move risks landing on their upper shoulders or neck.

So far, we haven’t seen any serious problems with this move (thankfully) which gives Reigns more of a reason to end his matches with it. It’s literally everything he wants in a finisher: it’s awesome to behold, it looks like it hurts, and no one else does the move.

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