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Corey Graves gives his opinion on what might be holding Cesaro back from main-event status

06 Nov 2019, 07:35 IST

The Swiss Superman
The Swiss Superman

For the last seven years, Cesaro has been one of the most talented performers in WWE, in terms of ability between the ropes. From his move set to his ability to make others look great, Cesaro is one of the most talented performers in all of WWE.

Despite his support from members of the WWE Universe, the Swiss Superman hasn't seen his share of main-event level pushes to correspond with his talent. Speaking on the After the Bell podcast, Corey Graves felt that the main thing holding Cesaro back is his mic skills. carried transcripts of Graves' comments.

A mixed bag

The sign of a complete performer is the ability to nail both moves in the ring and verbal cues on the mic. From the likes of the Rock to CM Punk to Kevin Owens to Paul Heyman, one's ability on the mic can often propel stars forward due to the ability to captivate people with a promo.

Even though one's ability between the ropes is just as important, people like Enzo Amore were pushed further than because they were great on the mic. Despite being arguably the most talented wrestler pound-for-pound in all of WWE, Cesaro's lack of mic skills is what has held him back from earning a consistent spot atop the WWE, according to Graves.

I guess it's because he's not necessarily compelling on the microphone, Again, he'll be the first to admit that to you. I don't want to listen to Cesaro give a five minute diatribe backstage or in the ring to kick off RAW or SmackDown. I guess maybe that's why he isn't getting the opportunities to be 'The Guy'.

Cesaro section still full

Despite how he may be perceived by those in power, a large portion of the WWE Universe still loves the Swiss Superman. He's too talented in the ring to not be given a more substantial push. The performers who the fans like, however, aren't always the ones who are pushed. Cesaro is certainly one of them. He may have limited skills on the mic, but Graves is still a huge fan of Cesaro.

I challenge you to find another superstar on the roster, other than maybe a Seth Rollins, who, given the platform of a WWE ring or a ring anywhere in the world for that matter, but given the time to do what he does best, Cesaro will have an arena full of people chanting his name on their feet because they believe.

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