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Grading the best tag teams in the world today

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01 Aug 2019, 09:10 IST

Who is better? New Day or The Young Bucks?
Who is better? New Day or The Young Bucks?

When it comes to rating pro wrestling Superstars, the task can be difficult to do objectively. This is because there are so many facets that go into creating a perfect sports entertainer that being good at just one aspect of the game isn't enough anymore.

Dean Malenko, for example, was perhaps the most technically gifted American wrestler of his day, but did not excel at cutting promos or doing interviews. Nor was his character fully developed, which limited the types of storylines he could be involved in.

At the other extreme is The Rock. Dwayne Johnson was able to achieve great things based upon his ability to resonate with the WWE Universe.

This charisma has translated over to his film career. But from a technical wrestling perspective, The Rock was a limited worker at best. In today's modern pro wrestling market place, The Brahma Bull might struggle more before finding success.

The question of who is the greatest tag team becomes even murkier. Now two Superstars must be considered. But it is possible to use precise criteria to rate the currently active tag teams, as follows.

Technical Wrestling Ability: Tag team matches, with their convoluted structure, require both participants in the team to have some measure of skill between the ropes. This isn't just a measure of move set, but also of how well the team can enhance the image of their opponents.

Interview/Promo Ability: Pro Wrestling always has a healthy dose of smack talking, and being able to get your character over with the wrestling fans is crucial for a tag team just as it is for singles stars.

Win/Loss Record: Wins and losses are an important tool in both crafting wrestling's dramatic storylines and establishing which teams are to be taken the most seriously as contenders. The teams will be rated on their win-loss record from the last six months.

Championships: While winning a championship is a management decision and not up to the individual wrestler's whims, being crowned with a title belt does carry a certain amount of prestige, which is why it's important for our ratings.


Industry Influence: Does the team influence the wrestling game today? If so, how much, and how long is it likely to continue?

Mainstream Media Appeal: Lastly, how likely are non-wrestling fans to recognize the tag team?

Since the tag team champions are supposed to be the best that a brand and/or promotion has to offer, we will rate each major promotion's champions-- except AEW, who does not have any as of yet. Here are the top tag teams in the business today, rated on these criteria. The final slide will reveal who is the best active tag team today.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in the article belong to the writer and doesn't necessarily represent Sportskeeda's stand.

#1 Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (The OC)

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have been a team for years.
Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have been a team for years.

Karl Anderson was a founding member of the New Japan Pro Wrestling stable, Bullet Club. He teamed up with new recruit Luke Gallows for the first time in the 2013 World Tag League tournament. The newly minted duo wound up winning the tournament, earning them a title shot at the Killer Elite Squad's IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship.

Gallows and Anderson reigned for over a year as champions and continued to be a dominant force in international wrestling until they signed with WWE in 2016. The duo has had their ups and downs on the WWE roster, but have managed to rack up title reigns, and are the current RAW Tag team champions.

Here are the grades for Gallows and Anderson.

Technical Wrestling Ability: Neither man is a master ring technician, but they are well above average for a team featuring a big man. Their ability to mesh well with other teams and help improve their image bumps them almost to the highest grade. B+

Interview/Promo Ability: Gallows and Anderson are more versatile on the microphone than many give them credit for. They can do both comedy and more serious roles with equal aplomb. B

Win/Loss Record: With seven losses and two wins, the duo doesn't grade well in this category. D

Championships: Gallows and Anderson are the current RAW Tag Team champions, which accounts for the best grade possible. A+

Industry Influence: When Gallows and Anderson were with Bullet Club, they enjoyed a great deal of influence on pro wrestling. However, their stock has fallen somewhat since they joined WWE. A run with AJ Styles as the newly-christened OC could change this up a bit. C

Overall Grade: B+ Gallows and Anderson are one of the best tag teams in wrestling today, and their grade reflects this.

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