Interesting details on FTR's future plans as per Arn Anderson


Arn Anderson recently talked about the state of tag-team wrestling in today's day and age. He revealed why Vince McMahon is no longer fond of tag-team wrestling and went on to praise FTR and how they will be the catalysts in the revival of tag team wrestling.

Dax Hardwood and Cash Wheeler left WWE and joined AEW earlier this year. The two have been outspoken about not being treated properly in WWE and how they felt the tag team division did not get the attention it deserved.

Arn Anderson talked about FTR and how they will bring back tag-team storytelling in the world of pro-wrestling.

"I do believe, FTR, who I've been so high on, everyone's going to see the reason I was so high on them because they can be the one stabilizing effect of tag-teams,They can wrestle all these different teams, allow everybody to do what they do but still, have a rhyme reason and a story to the match.''

Arn Anderson praises FTR

Arn Anderson, who was a tag-team specialist back in his day, also said that storytelling has been missing from tag team wrestling. He believes that FTR have the ability to bring back that aspect of building matches. He says they are professors and truly understand tag-team wrestling.

"That is what has been partly missing as far as the storytelling of what a tag match is supposed to be and these guys are in the role of being professors as far as that goes because they get it and they understand the why's and they're not going to hold anybody down or anybody back and prevent them from doing the spectacular stuff they do. I think they're just going to be in a position to put it where it goes and have it make sense and give you a little bit more of a structured tag match to what every wrestling fan of the last 30 years or 40 years has come to understand makes sense and I think you'll see more of that." (H/t: WrestlingInc)

FTR, who were known as The Revival in WWE, are currently in a program with The Elite on AEW.

Edited by Shiven Sachdeva
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