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Very few pull off a promo like Paul Heyman does!
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Paul Heyman might have one of the best wrestling careers, for someone who doesn’t wrestle. Heyman started on commentary at WCW, went on to launch the counterculture ECW into something special and helped produce one of the best years of Smackdown ever.

Heyman has managed some of the best wrestlers in the game namely, Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, Big Show and Rob Van Dam, among others. With over 20 years of experience in the business, Paul Heyman, has been able to put together a lot of net worth.

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Paul Heyman is also probably one of the best speakers in the WWE today. Whenever he is on the mic, the upcoming event seems that much more important, whether his advocate BROCK LESNAR is feuding with Dean Ambrose or The Undertaker or Seth Rollins; Heyman’s promos are usually the best part of the feud.

Heyman has worked as an advocate, a general manager, the head writer of Smackdown and a commentator. There is little Heyman hasn’t done. So how much is the former owner of ECW’s net worth?

Paul Heyman’s status as a top guy for the WWE is obvious. His appearances are announced weeks in advance and he usually kicks off the third hour of RAW. Even without the Beast he advocates for, he still knows how to work a crowd better than most Superstars.

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When he gets in the ring he hypes whatever upcoming event Brock Lesnar will appear at, like no one else. Soon the event feels 10 times more important and becomes a ‘can’t-miss’ Brock Lesnar match-up coming to the WWE Network. His talks of Suplex City and Commandments have been some of the best mic work we have heard in years.

Heyman acts as the voice of one of the biggest attractions currently in the WWE, and he is paid generously to do so, Heyman makes a salary of $2 million

That $2 million is a huge step up, from when he first signed with the company in 2001 and was making 310,000 dollars pulling double duty as a manager and a writer for the company. Heyman has spent a long amount of time with the company and it is obviously paying off for him. 

With that yearly salary, Paul Heyman, has been able to create a net worth of about $10 million. A large sum of money for someone who had to declare bankruptcy in 2000 at the tail end of the ECW days. 

Paul Heyman net worth – $10 million

Paul went on to sell ECW, a company he had helped revolutionise into the third biggest brand during the Attitude Era, to Vince McMahon for close to nothing. Instead of Vince paying Paul any money for the company, Vince had to pay off the debts of ECW to own it.

Paul was offered a five-year deal with WWE worth $250,000 with an additional $60,000 when he managed wrestlers. Vince, in return, got all of the rights to ECW and paid off their wrestlers and other debts.

Six years later McMahon put Paul Heyman in charge of the ECW reboot on the Sci-Fi network, the project, however, was a huge failure and has some of the worst WWE moments as part of its history. 

Heyman has held a number of jobs for the WWE and has been part of the company on and off since the early 2000s. Heyman, along with JR, were the head writers for Smackdown, during the famous Smackdown Six days. He helped build stars like Eddie Guerrero, Edge, Rey Mysterio and Brock Lesnar into the household names they are today.

Heyman has worked hard for the WWE and in turn, the WWE has added to his net worth of 10 million dollars.

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Published 01 Nov 2016
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